Monday, August 10, 2009

Rebasing the French horde

Today I have pulled out two units of French from my cabinet and have set about rebasing them for the game 'Napoleon'. My original units were 36 man strong and so by down sizing them to 24 man units, I have more than a few Fusiliers spare. These will be drummed into extra units and I've had to order more Flank companies to complete them. Also I'll need a few more command to make up the new units, I'm quite looking forward to getting back to painting the French. That's the good thing about painting uniforms...once you've learnt the tricky colour schemes you can just steam through them.
I cringe when I think back to when I first started painting Napoleonics. All those different names and classes of soldier, the Grenadiers, Voltigeurs, and Fusiliers and what the hell is a Tirailleur? As for Chasseurs and the Carbineers well I give up, what's all this about the Leger troops I've just learnt the troops of the line, what does Leger mean? Thankfully after many years of painting and learning along the way (slowly) they no longer keep me awake at night. This is just two regiments from the cabinet...I have a long to go.


me said...

Hello Chap,

I keep promising to post a comment on Iron Mitten. So here goes....
I am always tuning in to see what visual treats you have conjured up for us each week and you never disappoint.
Your hard work on Iron Mitten over the years has always brought a smile to my face.
So thank you my good friend and keep it up as its much appreciated.

I hope to see you soon ;)

littleus Timus

Secundus said...

I'm glad you still tune in Tim, don't worry i'll always keep drawing. Hopefully see you before too long for another walk. Cheers Tim your comment was much appreciated too, thanks again.

Keith said...

I am playing Napoleon as well , and like you I am rebasing my 36 man French units to 24 :)

I ave played a few games using 15mm and 6mm , and am goign to finish my 28mm project now , hence the rebasing.

If you need more info on Napoleon come join the OzNapoelon yahoo group , I have made a quick reference sheet and have a lot of answers from Foundry.
The rules work well , they are just badly written in places where they have left out a lot of explanations.

P.S. how do you do your drawings , they are great. Do you start with the eyes first ?


Secundus said...

Your stuff looks great Keith! Yes, I always start with the eyes when I draw. I can tell if it's going to be a good or bad picture within seconds of starting it, depending on the eyes. Cheers Secundus.

Grégory Privat said...

Tell me if you finally want to know the meaning of those words )

Tirer = to shoot
Tireur = shooter

Tirailler = to annoy
Tirailleur = Annoyer = skirmisher...

Secundus said...

AAArrrrrr thankyou, It all makes sense now.

The Napoleonic era is a huge under taking to learn when you first start, you do have to learn another language to get anywhere. My French has improved alot because of the period. Well I say that... thats If you want to talk about horses that is.