Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Battle of Senones ( 12 )

Meanwhile on the left of the battle field the main battle group within the Army of Gaul tramps across the plain. At the head of this double sized Cohort is Centurion Aurelius. Aurelius is another veteran of extreme experience and now takes it upon himself to change direction and march towards the enemy centre. Following orders he has followed up the massed cavalry attack, but now finds himself too far away to assist in the close combat raging in the middle of the valley. Checking his equipment one last time he now orders the huge Cohort to march at double time to help in the slaughter of the German army. The regrouped Tungrians fall back at the approach of the Cohort and Aurelius sends runners to the two cavalry squadrons so they can coordinate their attacks.

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Scutatus said...

Ooh look at the shine on that. :)

Lovely illustration. I like the dazzling gleam of the sun bouncing off the gladius. :)