Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Battle of the Senones ( 9 )

Dewolfus moved into the town with the VI Vitrix and turned towards the his flagging centre but he was meet by the 2ND Cohort 8TH Augusta which halted him in his tracks.


Scutatus said...

At this point one has to wonder, how can Plinius lose this? With the Gladiators pushing back three Cohorts in the centre and the cavalry routing their opposites on the flank, and with fresh cohorts of Legionaries yet to engage in battle, surely this is in the bag for Plinius?

I recall this high point: Plinius's glory, his joy - and Dewolfus's (sic) despair. :D

Secundus said...

ARR yes as do I...how things were to change.