Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Battle of Senones ( 13 )

Back in the centre of Dewolfus's line, the Gladiators slam into their second enemy cohort. The legionaries of the 3RD Cohort XXI Rapax are pushed back almost straight away and start to give ground like their brother Cohort before them. Plinius exalts his men on to victory and dismounts to join the Eagle party in their cheers.
Unbeknown to Plinius, the 2ND Cohort of the XXI Rapax that fell back earlier has now regrouped and prepare to advance back into the melee.


mr. webster said...

shouldn't he be exhorting the troops & not exalting?

Again, the site is amazing. The painting and your artwork are greatly appreciated.

Scutatus said...

Yes, victory is mine! Finish them, finish them! Bwahahahaaaa

Hold on... who's that on the flank? It can't be...