Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Battle of Senones ( 2 )

The two armies face each other across the valley of Senones. On one side, charismatic leader Plinius Fulvius leads the cavalry strong Army of Gaul and on the other, General Dewolfus leads his grizzled Army of the Rhine. Two very different armies with two very different fighting styles. As the two sides form up, Dewolfus is surprised to see the amount of heavy horse within Plinius's army and for the first time he begins to doubt a victory. Also huge amounts of heavy Infantry start to descend into the valley, another shock for Dewolfus.
Plinius on the other hand is aware of Dewolfus's record as a General and has a bitter respect for it. However, his army is not looking in top form and has grown fat with all that easy garrison duty up North. He sends his orders to his Cavalry squadrons to prepare and places himself at the front of a tough unit of freed Gladiators to bolster their morale, turning them into an unstoppable killing machine.

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Scutatus said...

Nice clear top down view. :) Looks beautiful, the two armies arrayed in order of battle, with armour polished and weapons gleaming, prior to the bloody slaughter.