Monday, August 03, 2009

Battle of Senones ( 6 )

Now It was the turn of the Plinius's heavy horse to carry the day and win Tullus a second victory. The sky turned to thick dust as the two Ala's thundered towards the German lines. The III Ala Brittonum sprang forward to meet them and the two units crashed through each other to the sound of frightened horses.
The British horseman, clad in their wolf skins were good fighters and had beaten off worst odds than this before many times. However, the I Italica's weight in numbers began to show as the second Ala closed in behind the Wolf heads cutting them off from retreat. Panic set into the British horseman as they tried to cut themselves free from the trap. The few that made it out now galloped for their lives back towards the German line. The I Italica regrouped, then chased after them. The biggest cavalry battle in the war so so far had gone to the Plinius and his Italian horse in the name of Tullus.


BigRedBat said...

Oooh er, that flank charge looked nasty! Nice to see the blog busy again.

Scutatus said...


BWA hahahahahahahahahaa!

Sorry, I really enjoyed that. :D I love it when a plan comes together.

Shame about the the Wolf's heads. They look so good too, but the odds were against them and they are but human...

Kind of.

Next time Si. :)

Scutatus said...

By the way, I just simply LOVE the art of the cavalry in combat. Slaughter, mayhem and scale armour with pteruges. :D

Great dust effect. :)