Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Curse of the Gamer/Painter

It seems every time I pick up a copy of War games Illustrated, I am bedazzled by a new range of figures which plays havoc with my painting production line. Having set my sights on finishing a range, I am left confused and find myself wandering off the path into a mine field of other periods. I know this is the curse of every Painter/collector/gamer and they'll be many who read this that will find themselves tormented also on a monthly basis besides myself.

I have recently ordered a copy of Foundry's new rule book, Napoleon, after seeing It in the magazine. It looks very nice indeed and has got some good reviews. Having painted up a French army four years ago I am tempted to rebase them for the game. I painted up my army in the hope that by the time I had finished it, there would be a good 28mm Napoleonic game produced and It looks like my long wait is over. Originally, I thought It would come from Warhammer but Foundry have stepped into the void It would seem.
I rather like the idea of rebasing for It gives me an chance to touch up some of my old paint work and get things properly organized for once. I must say after having an army sitting around for so long, It's nice to think I might actually get inspired to finish them and use them. I'm hoping It might even shift me out of English Civil war mode and onto British redcoats. Now I have actual unit sizes to work too, the painting should be a lot easier too. I do enjoy knowing what I'm meant to be doing and now I can work towards an Army list. I'm also looking forward to getting back to speed painting large units again rather than my detailed WWII Platoons. However Father Time may have the last word on all my plans as usual...Oh well lets just see what happens. Next week I may see something else...!
If anyone has played the game I would be Interested to hear your views on the matter.


Keir said...

Secundus said...

Thanks Keir that was a really good read, I shall make a point of sending people there about the game. Alanicus (my gaming buddy)and I flicked through the rules the other night and straight away agreed to call the 'Divisions' brigades, as It sat better with us and made things a little easier to swallow. I think like most rule sets, we will end up changing things to suit our own tastes. Cheers for the tip off, Secundus.

mad padre said...

Secundus - I have nothing to add about Napoleonics rules, as it's not my period, but I also share your quandry about being seduced by new rules and periods, and being reproached by all the little chaps currently on my workbench. With your permission, I'd like to filch your cartoon for this post for my own blog,, with appropriate credits of course.



Secundus said...

Of course sir feel free.