Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hail Emperor Secundus! (campaign 11)

Events were now speeding up fast with the annoucement of Tullus's bid for the throne. It was while Secundus was still in the south of Britannia, doing his tour of the province that his officers hailed him as Emperor. This was alittle sooner than Secundus had planned and there was still much to be done before he could risk open war.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The rise of Tullus (campaign 10)

Rome had lost many armies conquering Hispania and her many peoples and an army made of such fearsome fighters was not one to be sniffed at. The tribes in Hispania had been unhappy for quite some time and it didn't take much for them to rebell and swear their allegiance to Tullus. Secundus knew that this would mean war and his plans of just marching into Rome would have to be rethought. He had hoped that the Province of Hispania would come over to the Tofieldican course and with it, some of the best cavalry in the Empire. Now, with the rise of Tullus, he knew this would never happen.

Tullus Holdrianus Hispanus (campaign 9)

Secundus had sent many letters around the Provinces asking for support in his bid for Emperor, it is not clear if it was one of these letters that had put the idea in the mind of Pro-consul Tullus Holdrianus Hispanus or if he had designs on the throne from an earlier stage. Either way, Tullus had not been idle in his vast province of Hispania and had amassed a sizable army built around the Legion VII Gemina.

Unsettling news from Spain (campaign 8)

The army of Secundus was almost ready to make its move and march on Rome, when an unsettling letter was intercepted in Gaul. It would appear that Secundus wasn't the only one with his eyes set on the throne, the pro-consul of Hispania also had the same idea.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Minting Secundus coins (campaign 7)

To help the campaign and increase moral, the first batch of silver Denarii are minted, baring the head of Secundus on one side and the figure of Virtory on the other. These will help pay the troops and spread the name and image of Secundus across the empire.

Raising taxes (campaign 6)

At first the people of Britannia were supportive of Secundus, thinking they would profit from their own consul becoming Emperor. It was only when they realized they were the ones who would be paying for the endeavour did they think otherwise. More troops meant more money and taxes were increased to pay for the ever growing army.