Thursday, June 20, 2013

Re-enacting the Napoleonic Period

 Here is my list of things to get and rough notes on my new kit. If you haven't guessed already I plan to join a Prussian Landwehr regiment. Once you start re-enacting and meeting new friends, things can quickly get out of a good way.
The picture was just a poor excuse for me to draw and colour up a Militia man with all his kit.

There is also talk of doubling up as French infantry in some re-enactments, to help the poor, heavily out numbered French re-enactors. This should be quite easy with just a few tweaks to our equipment. Apparently our drill is very similar in style to that of the French. Secretly I'm looking forward to playing as French infantry, I have always had a soft spot for shakos. Also, I have studied and painted so many of them in 28mm, I should be able to take what I have learned and put it into a new hobby.

Watch this space...