Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pleaderdocarex of the Marcomanni (Campaign 100)

The mighty Pleaderdocarex of the Marcomanni answers Flaccus's plea for help and gathers a huge force on the outskirts of Noricum. They travel with amazing speed down through Pannonia to find the tiny Roman army and their numbers cause much rejoicing in the Roman camp. Flaccus's many years under the Eagles have taught him one thing though, numbers do not guaranty victories. He knows that although his army now looks impressive, it will be going against the full might of a Roman field army with all it's discipline and training. Flaccus lets the men carry on rejoicing to raise moral, but knows inside it is far too soon to be celebrating.

Secundus prepares for battle (Campaign 99)

Secundus was busy conducting the Lustratio Exercitatio, a religious ceremony of the Legions, purifying the standards with perfumes and garlands, when he received word from Flaccus. Flaccus had also sent word to Rome to inform them of his plight, so Secundus would be forced to send aid to his beleaguered tiny army.

Secundus, however, sent word to Flaccus to raise new troops by way of the tribes in the surrounding area, as he was too far away to assist him. Flaccus would have to look to Barbarian help on the fields of Dalmatia.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fighting in the Ranks ( Campaign 98)

Alanicus receives news from Terentius of the size of the Secundian force in Dalmatia. Alanicus is over joyed and spurs Terentius on to attack Flaccus at once.

His joy is short lived as another report of in-fighting is reported from the Army of Anatolia. The many factions that are being brought together to make the Army are at each others throats again. Alanicus's threats have gone unheeded, for the first time in a ages, Alanicus is speechless.

His mood is lightened by another report from Arabia excepting his huge bribe and joining the cause. The Anotolians finally stop fighting when their ring leaders are assassinated by Alanician agents and piece is restored to the ranks.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Campaign Map

As you can see things have really started to happen. Tullus now sits in Aquitania facing the Secundian Army of the Rhine under Dewolvous.
Down in Africa, a huge Tullician force threatens the tiny vexiliation commanded by Alanicus himself.
Meanwhile a battle looms in Dalmatia between the massive Army of Thrace and a much smaller force under the 'hit and run' hero, Flaccus.
Secundus has taken his Army of Britannia back to Rome to secure the city after his land grab exercise, but still finds himself caught between armies approaching from the West and the East.

All eyes look toward Dalmatia with the coming of the sun.

Alanicus's Armies Move on Dalmatia (Campaign 97)

When General L.Terentius heard of the foray into Dalmatia by Secundian forces he immediately took it upon himself to stop them. This was the chance he had been long waiting for, a chance to show his worth in battle. Without a moments delay he gathered his Generals and set the massive Army of Thrace into motion. He would march up into Dalmatia and give battle to Flaccus and his tiny force before he had time to gather re-enforcements.
Alanicus, still seeing to the defences of Egypt was livid when he heard the news that his own 'first' Army had started to march without his orders. The move west wasn't in his five year plan and could knock everything out of balance. Alanicus sent more than one messenger to Terentius but it was too late. Alanicus warned Terentius that he had better win Dalmatia or his head would roll! Terentius was more than confident as he rode behind the full might of the Thracian Legions that he would not let Alanicus down.

L.Terentius Albinus prepares to crush Flaccus.

Secundus Tries Again (Campaign 96)

Secundus although being pig headed is no fool, realizing that he left Rome wide open to Tullus in order to take Pannonia, he quickly doubles back to secure the capital. The Generals sigh a breath of relief that their advice has been taken, all except Flaccus that is. He still longs to have a seperate command and begs Secundus for a field army of his own. Secundus, sickened by the rise of popularity and ambition in this powerful General decides to rid himself of this thorn in his career, once and for all.
General Flaccus is told to take what remains of the garrisons in Pannonia and march them south to take Dalmatia.

Flaccus knows what this means, for the Pannonian Legions are at half strength, but the brave, ambitious General does not argue and takes the command. Secundus is surprised at first then a little suspicious, If he returns from that country alive, he is welcome to the throne, jokes Secundus.

So it is that General T. Flaccus heads south with a small force in order to further the Sucundian cause. War is on the wind.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Cabinet is getting full

Another up date on the Cabinet shows that yet again, space has become an issue. I may have to get my smaller display cases down again from the loft at this rate. I could always claim the first level back from those Planes if the worst came to the worst. I never thought I'd see the day when I filled it, I just hope it doesn't go through the floor boards!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tullus's African Skirmishers

German Unterfeldwebel (Sergeant)

German officers

This Leutnant prepares to show his Platoon where the Iron Crosses grow.

The finished HMG Team with Its commanding NCO.

German Platoon Finished

This Sniper is wearing his Zelt-bahn quarter tent as camouflage. This fantastic figure is from Blacktree Designs.
At last, here is my German force to play 'Rules of Engagement'. Three Grenadier Squads supported by Mortar and Machine-gun Teams. There is also a spare Volksgrenadier squad to lend a hand for the larger scenarios in the game.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Creating the Army of Syria

As a player I gave Alanicus the chance to create his own Syrian army, with the brief to give it a very Eastern look and feel. What he came up with was a very light, fast moving force of mostly missile troops.
The III Gallica Legion and the I Thracian Horse were to be supported by a unit of unarmoured archers, a unit of horse archers and two units of Slingers. The solid formation of the Legion will be flanked by two very flexible wings of missile troops. It will be interesting to see how this 'hit and fade' army stands up to a Western one.
Above can be seen the troops that will make the Syrian Army.