Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

The defeated General

There is no such thing as failure in the Roman army, every General knows that...

Batavians in progress

In the end I went for Brown Ink wash rather than dipping in stain, It proved a quicker drying time and allowed me to get on with the shields. Seeing the Batavians illustrated in the latest Osprey book proved too much for me and I decided I had put them to one side for long enough. I also chose the shield design that I have seen used by many illustrators and re-enactment groups alike, as Batavian.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Batavian Auxiliaries

I've finally started to paint again after a few weeks away and thought I would tackle my old fav's the Batavians. To give them a more Irregular look, I'm going to use some trousered Celts from Gripping Beast. As well as figures from Foundry and Warlord Games. I should have some results soon, although I do plan to paint and dip the whole unit in one go.

Kneel and kiss the ring of Rome!

Centurions and Officers

Centurion Paulus meets up with his old friends, Centurion kirkius Maximus and Centurion Barricus to cast an eye over the new recruits.
This is chart I draw up to add some extra character to the Centurions and officers with in the(WAB)Roman Campaign. It really worked and made the battles even more enjoyable. As Centurions had to earn their rank, their options on the table are advantages. However, The officers rank was often down to family connections or Political advancement, so some of their options on the table are less favourable. There's nothing like having a bad Officer in charge of your Army...It makes for a great Campaign story. After a long break the time to start up the Roman Campaign has come around again, so you may see a lot more Romans on the Blog.