Saturday, November 19, 2011

Praetorian on Campaign

The Fierce Celts

The only thing the Celts hated more than Rome...were the neighbours.

'Cedo Alteram'

The merciless Centurion nicknamed Cedo Alteram by his men. It meant 'Bring me another' and referred to his habit of breaking vine staffs over recruits' backs.

When his Legion rebelled, Cedo was given a taste of his own medicine and put to death.

The Legion had its own way of dealing with such men.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

War on the Frontier

I have been finishing off those crafty Celtic horsemen over the last week and have just their shields to do.
Also I've managed to complete a unit of Jewish Slingers for my Eastern Roman army which is another weight off my mind.
I still have quite a few units to do before the new armies for COE are complete, all good fun though. In the meantime, here's an unlucky Roman guard on the Rhine.

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