Tuesday, March 31, 2020

 I rearranged an old base of Dwarves to match the new shield wall bases. A rough battle line was created and these guys have dropped the shield wall to charge the enemy. Well, one base has the other looks a little hard pressed.

 Not a bad nights work, now it’s almost 3 in the morning time to sleep.
 Sorting out the spare Asgard metal dwarves to make a good arrangement. Position twice... stick once.

 A fallen dwarf creates a gap in the line, luckily it is quickly filled with a spear.

Snow Trolls

 These are plastic Dark Alliance 20mm trolls that converted using green stuff. I added furs and skins to them and I can gladly say they are now finished.

Iron Hills Dwarves

Flocking the Hobbit

 It’s been a long Old flocking night tonight but the results have been worth it. These bases have been waiting for a long time for their finishing touches, but now can be moved off the painting table to make some space.

 I used the flock box again tonight and the results are very good, recommend getting one of these if you have big forces to flock.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Finally it’s Basing Night!

 All these were based using Luke APS basing mixes. They are all Arid grassland with a few having a sprinkle of City rubble on too. Nice and quick to do, no painting sand involved.


Home Tutoring #43 The Second World War

Tomorrow, the American civil War.
Well, after this battle my son asked if we could play war in the garden, who was I to say no. Lucky for him, his dad was born in the 70’s when playing war was not banned... let’s go.