Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Basing Night Is Finally Upon You

 I always dread basing, but It can be quite enjoyable if you line up enough units to make it worth while. I couldn't simply carry on painting when my shelves were beginning to scream under the weight of painted lead.

Time to draw a line in the sand and start to actually finish units rather than start new ones.

Starting a new unit is so much fun, working it out, researching colours and then finally painting it. Who cares If it's finished or not just keep moving on right and don't look back...time to pay the ferry man...Gulp.

I found this sand in an old green house in the garden when I moved house, I saw straight away its properties. Saruman tore down the garden and all the surrounding trees and building, including the old greenhouse. However, I managed to scoop up a huge bucket of the valuable grit and It is now safe under lock and key ( from my three year old) in a cabinet up stairs. It has a great range of grain sizes and plenty of small stones which look great on the bases.
 My ECW regiments finally get a trip to the beach to tip their toes in the warm sand. I plan to do these using a lot of coloured flock with just a few patches of sand/dirt showing through. the idea being to bash through them quick quickly.
 In contrast, my fantasy bases are painted and dry brushed the old time consuming way. I'm really trying to make these something a little bit different from my historical stuff, it's a bit of a labour of love.

Fantasy and Historical armies forget their petty differences for once and enjoy the trip to the beach.

Gundabad trolls

 Gundabad trolls are now painted and in the process of being based. They are smaller than the giant Mordor Trolls so I based them two to a base, four to a unit.
Beorn doesn't like them at all and takes great strides to let them know it. I know who my money is on but the dice gods are fickle things.