Saturday, May 31, 2008

Making Marshes part 2

Almost there now they have been painted and flocked. All that is needed now is a coat of varnish over the water areas and loads of rushes to complete that swampy look.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Show case

Here is a conversion of a Germanic Chieftain into a standard bearer for my up and coming Germanic hordes. Blacktree Miniatures have a great range of Ancient German figures but no standard bearers, so I thought I'd make one with 'Greenstuff'.This one is a dark God from the darkest, deepest blood soaked groves of the Teutoburg forest, carried to strike fear into all who see it. This conversion was also helped by the rise in prices of Foundry miniatures who are now charging £10 for four standard bearers, the figures are great but come on! Saying this, I did manage to grab a packet of them from the Milton Keynes Games day for a bargain price so all is well in the end.
This picture is a close up of a Centurion from the Pannonian Legions of Secundus. Having the camera in hand I just took a few random photos for the blog. The French Grenadiers below are from the same shoot. I enjoyed researching my French much to research! The result of painting Napoleonic's is always rewarding though, as they do look splendid when finished. All the uniforms of this era are instantly recognizable and are icons in their own right, hence they look fantastic in a war gaming cabinet.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cataphracts ride for Alanicus

Finally after being snowed under for months the Cataphracts are finished and can be added to the forces of Alanicus. These new arrivals will give his Eastern forces a bit of heavy back up on their road to Rome.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Roman Civil War!

This game hosted by the Blackwolf Wargames club of Hitchen, was the main reason I returned to the event on the second day. It was nice to see someone elses take on the Civil wars of the first and second Centurys. A nice set up indeed.
I even managed to grab some great bargains while trolling around the second hand stalls and came away with some really cheap Roman Artillery.
A large fantasy game using the War hammer rules and Games workshop figures.
This photo was taken from a ' The face of battle' game, hosted by the Aylesbury War games club. These figures are from Bolt Action Miniatures and are really rather good. I have some of their Germans and have been holding off from the American forces until I've completed my German Platoon. If I learnt one thing from this games day, it is that for me the II world war has really captured my gaming interest again.

Pegasus Bridge

I was rather intrigued by these large scale battalion games and the detail of command structure. This game caught my eye as it was recreating the attack on Pegasus bridge, by the local Ox's and bucks regiment. Keeping history alive in miniature, good to see.

Campaign at Milton Keynes

This weekend I was delighted to hear about the return of Campaign to my local Milton Keynes shopping centre. Armed with my trusty camera and an eye for a bargain I set off to do battle in MK.
This large Second world war game was created using the popular 'Flames of war' figures and rules. Having dabbled in the II world war ranges myself, I was interested in the paint schemes and vehicles used. Personally, I prefer a larger scale figure to these to really get detail in the painting, but the detail achieved in these tiny miniatures was really breath taking and really turned my head.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Infighting breaks out between Alanican units (Campaign 96)

The month of Augusta started well for Alanicus, who celebrated a vast wine yield. moral was high and his troops seemed to sense a victory in the air. It was in this month that the Army of Anotolia was brought up to full strength and mobilized into action for his cause.

With such high numbers of new troops in the East, the province of Arabia soon sent envoys to seek peace and join the growing Alanican Empire. Alanicus paid their top officials anyway to cement the peace and guarantee their loyalty in the coming months. However, all these new factors came into play in a very unexpected and unwelcome way for Alanicus, who was still in Egypt.
The large bodies of newly raised troops in the provinces mixed with the vast quantities of fresh wine, led to an out break of fighting between members of the 6th Farrata and the new Auxiliary units garrisoned in the area. The fighting had started after a friendly wrestling match had turned nasty, when a legionary had been mocked for losing. By the time Alanicus received word of the infighting, hundreds of Auxiliaries and legionaries were unfit for duty due to the brawling and there were reports of forty deaths.
Alanicus was not happy! From Egypt, he sent orders to the Army of Anotolia to prepare for action at once. "Busy soldiers are less likely to hack each other to pieces" announced Alanicus as he studied his charts of Syria. With this much pent up aggression floating around his units, Alanicus knew the time had come to let them lose on the enemy. Alanicus set the army of Anatolia into motion across the deserts of Syria to re-enforce him in Egypt. With Tullician forces arriving daily in Aegyptus, Alanicus prayed to the Gods that it would make good time and reach him before the main attack started.

Making Marshland

Armed with my new found 'mud' effects, I set out to make all things muddy. Here are the two marsh bases I started last week with added grit and gravel to give detail and texture. As the clay dried it warped the base slightly and so I had to bend it back into shape a little, this cracked the clay of course, but nothing a little PVA won't take care off. Heavy tape stuck length ways to the underside of bases can help reduce this kind of warping.

Again, you can see I've added twigs and bits that will paint up nicely when finished and add a sense of scale to the finished model.

This will be mostly covered in flock and the grit will be painted as exposed areas of earth and sand. Different grades of grit were used to vary the effect of the earth. When I had finished flocking the gravel, I gave it another wash of PVA glue to really lock it into place and stop the usual shower of gravel every time i picked it up.

Not all roads lead to Rome!

Well here we are a last, after returning from a short trip to Gaul, I managed to finish my roads. Using better earth and sand colours, I repainted the entire lot and with various levels of dry brushing, managed to bring out all the new texture. After it was repainted I flocked areas with different grass colours to add detail and add to the effect of an over grown trade route. A good tip; I used PVA glue to model cart and waggon tracks in the road, when they were dry I painted them a dark brown. This colour was then given a wash of watered down PVA glue, which drys looking shiny and wet. Thus wet muddy tracks were produced. The PVA works better on this subject matter than a light brushing of Varnish and gives a much better 'mud' effect.

There are lots of different grades of flocks available on the market now and this heavier grade was used to indicate undergrowth around the fallen tree.