Monday, April 27, 2009

Secundus gathers his thoughts

As the roads begin to dry, Secundus prepares himself for the coming campaign season. Only the Gods know the true fate of this greedy man.

Tullus and his Spanish Legion

Tullus, the soldier general with his famous VII Gemina.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gladiators get to grips with Marines

This is an old photo of a battle played one Sunday night.

German Auxiliary cavalry

These fast moving German cavalry were created after reading Rosemary Sutcliff's book 'Frontier wolf'. They are made using spare standard bearer heads and lots of 'Green stuff' for the wolf pelt cloaks. Great fun to do and worth the time.

Broken unit markers

I created these bases to act as markers for when a unit is destroyed and removed in battle. The only trouble is, that with so many figures on the board I always forget to use them. Next time I promise.
They were great fun to make and are very effective. They are made from 1st Corps debris, Foundry casualties and a few gripping Beast minis.

Conscripted Gladiators

One of my favourite units and full of character. These Gladiators have had of most of their heavy, clumsy gladiatorial equipment replaced by army stocks before entering the field.
I like their modest brown shields with hints of their previous occupation painted on them.
A special rule has been created for Phobius, the giant Gladiator in the front rank...he causes fear in other units. This is just a bit of fun to add further character to the game.

Praetorian Cohort

These figures are Foundry with a couple of Gripping Beast command thrown in.

I like this unit a lot the only trouble is I never got to field it. In the Campaign we have created the rule that whoever controls Rome can use the unit in his army free of points. Controlling Rome does have its perks.

The shields were tricky but worth it.

Roman Marines

Dacian Auxiliaries

German Auxiliaries

I made these German again because of their size compared to other figures. Also they have black shields, a German theme I have given my 'Rhine' Legion.
Being German I also gave them longer spears to add to their German flavour. This helps to make them a little different from the other Auxiliary units.

Rheatian Auxiliaries

More old Essex Miniatures.

German Auxiliaries

I made this unit German because of their large size. These are Early Essex Miniatures (no longer available). I like these old Essex Figures because a lot of their Auxiliaries have cross barred re-enforced helmets, a detail lacking in modern sculpting.

Gallic Auxiliaries

The green shields just seemed to say 'Gaul' to me, I don't know why. So they became a Gallic Cohort.

I love the way the sun caught the shields, for a moment, they almost looked life size.


Well what can I say about this lot... they want locking up!

One gets an idea and that's It, they're all off all over the countryside causing havoc. The figures are 1st Corps with a couple of packs of Gripping Beast mingled in.

Thracian Auxiliaries

These are Gripping Beast Cesarean Romans with Early Imperial Shields. I use them as Auxiliaries at the moment. The shield design was taken from the Thracian Osprey book.

The Might Of Rome

A Cohort of Auxiliaries from Britannia. This was my first Roman unit to be painted all those years ago back in 1997. Arrr happy days.....
On cleaning out my computer today, I found an old folder of photos taken about three years ago. I thought I'd post them before I delete them and share them with the world before they are gone forever. There now follows a mass of Roman might and hopefully a little inspiration too.