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The Tale of Governor Vibullius (Campaign 78)

P. Marcus Vibullius, the Governor of Syria had rejected Alanicus's offer to join him in his bid for Emperor, he had taken his bribes, then betrayed him. Still loyal to Secundus in the west, Vibullius had tried to organize resistance in the East to oppose Alanicus and his armies. What's more, he had defeated a small force sent under Rufus Valerius to seize Syria, adding to a line of Defeats for the budding Eastern Emperor. This was unforgivable in the eyes of Alanicus and he gave very precise instructions on what to do with Governor Vibullius when he was captured, very precise instructions indeed!

For weeks Alanicus's soldiers searched for the troublesome Governor but with no luck. The III Gallica had fought like lions to protect the Province from the Alanician forces but had surrendered when caught in the open and out numbered. The Legion was forced to swear an alligence to Alanicus and the officers; dealt with. However, a large number of Gallicians were still at large in the area and they saw it as there mission to get the aging Vibullius back to the West and safety. So for weeks Vibullius hid by day and travelled by night, guarded by the very best the III Legion had to offer.

However, with more and more Provinces falling to Alanicus, Vibullius found himself with less and less places to hide. He was finally captured disguised as a woman, hiding in a fishing boat in the port of Caesarea. So very close to escape, he was himself betrayed, yes you've guessed it, for Alanicus gold.
Alanicus had ordained that his tongue should first be cut out as a warning to all traitors, then he was to be tortured and finally crucified, so all may look on the fate of those who resist the will of Alanicus the benevolent.

Alanicus had wished to meet with Vibullius before he was crucified, but had found himself rushing to Egypt to secure the Capital. He thus gave the order for the hapless Governor to be torn down and beheaded and to have his head sent to Secundus in Noricum. It was done and part of P. Marcus Vibullius finally returned back home at last, to the West. Alanicus had shown the Empire that he was as generous at handing out torture and death; as he was gold coin.

"Welcome back Vibullius, old friend" Secundus.

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Campaign Map

So here it is at last, the latest version of the great Campaign Map.
As you can see, after watching and building up his forces, Alanicus has swept all before him in the East using a different tactic to that of Tullus and Secundus....huge bribes, to buy rather than fight provinces.
After losing the battle at Valentia, Secundus has pulled back and taken Noricum to make up for the loss of Aples Gallia. He now faces having his kingdom cut in two by a victorious Tullus. Although Tullus could find himself caught between two huge field armies if he advances.
Tullus has secured most of North Africa but finds he has missed the prize of Egypt which Alanicus had in his sights from the very start and bypassed Arabia to snatch it. However, Alanicus after paying a massive bribe has only landed with a tiny force to take Egypt and could find he has bitten off more than he can chew, if Tullus marches on him from the West.

Tullus learns of Egypt (campaign 77)

Tired and weary of the war, Tullus grabs a few well earned moments away from the nagging Senators and their crys for action. It is while he is relaxing that he is handed news of Alanicus's daring strike on Egypt and the city of Alexandria.
Still on campaign in Gaul, Tullus quickly sends messages to L.Cornelius Gracchus, the General of the North African army, to start raising new Auxiliary Cohorts amongst the tribes. Most notably, the skilled light horse men of the region.
Gracchus has taken his time raising and training his new army and has paid for it by the loss of one of the most richest Provinces in the Empire. Lets hope the time taken in training has been worth it, only time will tell.

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Alanicus takes Egypt by sea (Campaign 76)

After his run of bad luck, the Gods finally show mercy on Alanicus. In August, a large gold mine is discovered in Thrace, It was also in this month that Alanicus makes his most daring strike so far .
After mustering a small fleet of the coast of Greece, Alanicus sets sail for Egypt. His tiny fleet reaches Egypt safely and Alanicus steps a shore to claim the Province as his own. However, the city did not come cheap, Alanicus had to put together the largest bribe so far to claim the Province as his own , this did not sit well with him and he bent his mind to how to get it back. He now controlled the bread basket of Rome and he managed a thin smile as he mulled over the possibilities.
Egypt was the richest Province in the East with it's great port and famous City not to mention it's fertile plains, Alanicus knew he had snatched it from Tullus and his African army and readied himself for the inevitable.
The jewel in Africa's crown had been stolen and Tullus would not be happy about it!