Thursday, October 26, 2017

Xeno Landing craft

As I prepare to paint my hi tech Soriogs from Khurisan I thought I'd would try my new camo technique on some Halo toys and give them something to ride in. As the Soriog are based loosely on the 'Elites' in Halo it goes without saying that anything from the Halo universe would look good with them.
 After a bit of looking around I found these toys on eBay. Just lately I found a larger version that will become a heavy VTOL. These flyers could be classed as attack craft with their huge forward plasma cannons, although I think I will use them as medium class VTOLs. Medium class can carry a single squad of Aliens (6) with the heavy class carrying two (12).

I imagine the hi tech Soriog wanting to get in close to their foes and quickly too. These grav VTOLs  should be the answer. The rules (GRUNTZ) say If a VTOL is shot down in flight all on board are lost, that could a way of taking out a whole squad of very deadly and expensive Aliens.
 Blue steel eyes really shine out of hull. This model will be given a wash of kleen floor varnish, this will give it a nice sheen and help blend the camo.
 I used a Tau decal for a bit of Alien looking insignia on the front of the VTOL, I think It works. I also painted some panels under the craft in Blue steel from miniature paints. This stuff is great for futuristic models.
 The basic spray job was washed with black to bring out the details

 IRON MITTEN TIP #34. Two paints that every Sci-fi painter should have in his paint rack. Tamiya Metallic blue and  Miniature paints' Blue steel. If you are painting anything Alien these two paints will come into their own.
The Soriog war machine is starting to gear up, those poor settlers on Proctos 9 are in for a hard time. The Heavy VTOL can be seen in the background.

Decal Heaven

 I used to hate decals, I even did cartoons about it back in the day,but I have to say when it comes to Sci-fi miniatures they are the best. These decals are from the Gundam range off eBay, I didn't worry too much about what they were just as long as they look good. They help add a bit of detail to simple brush work.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Grunts explore Bottle Top City

 I've been collecting bottle tops and the like for years now with the mind to using them for 15mm Sci-fi modelling.
It brings great pleasure to use something you would normally throw away to make into a piece of hi tech scenery. Most of the buildings here are from Brigade miniatures, but the little glass skylight is a drinks cap from my sons favourite juice. The large red cap is from a water bottle.

 For 15mm Sci-fi I thought it would be a good idea to create little environments on modular bases. This way they can be moved around to create different setting.
 The building were sprayed with German brown from Humbrol, they came out quite dark once painted. They aren't quite finished so I can lighten them up still with some detailing I think.
 Beta squad get behind Jonson with the squad automatic weapon (SAW). "This is turning into a freaking bug hunt!"
 As well as bottle tops I also keep an eye out for any usable thing in 15mm scale. Hot Wheels do some very usable machines that are worth picking up. they are very cheap compared to war games models.
 I finally got to use my Tamiya mud pen on this little truck. I've only just found out you can water the mud down for a better effect. The truck was just given a brown wash and is ready to go, I didn't want to paint over all the tiny decals on it which work well for 15mm.
 "Easy Hudson...easy..."
The modular base, this will be added to and flocked with sand. It might be an idea to add some sort of low wall for a bit of protection from ballistics.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

15mm Gruntz Sand Tiger

 I thought I would try to finish some outstanding projects and this Mecha for 15mm gruntz has been ignored for too long.
 I've never used this masking fluid before and I bought it a few years ago just for this purpose. It went on very thick and I tried to keep it this way as I knew It would be easier to get off the thicker it was.
 late night spraying. I was like a kid in a toy shop, I just wanted to start taking the fluid off straight away but made myself wait till morning.
 First thing I was up with the lark and straight into the painting room to unwrap the Easter egg.
 All in all not bad considering it's a spray can job and not an Air brush. For some reason I am quite scared of air brushes...I'm sure one day I will get there.
 I used Humbrol spray cans for this job, the base being Sand and the grey being Sea grey.
 The paint work was washed with Kleer floor varnish.

 Decals were added over a wash of Kleen floor varnish. These I had bought off ebay and were from Gundam plastic kits.

 I really like it as a clean, crisp colour scheme. If anything I may not go so hard on the weathering next time. For a big organisation I think these mechs and the like would look good as clean and well maintained units so less damage and wear, like the image above.
 I used a sponge with brown and then silver to create the chipped paint work. The lasers were also painted with gun metal. This vehicle will be part of my 'Rim Defective' army and would have seen plenty of action in the field, hence I went for a very used look. The legs and feet were weathered and scratched quite heavily, as it would be these areas that saw the most of the damage inflicted by weapons, houses, trees and crushed enemy vehicles.
I used a pencil to score along the edges of the armour were the damage would have built up. I also added scratches with the pencil, these are very small but are the right size for 15mm.
So far so good, a nice little side line project and great fun to try new techniques. not finished yet but not far off. I have decided to called it a Sand Tiger as I think this fits its look and size.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Treated myself to a farm from Emperor Toads Emporium.

 I quite like the simple rustic style of these scratch built models and I think they capture the feeling of the 17th Century very well. I plan to add a few extra touches to the farm like climbing Ivy etc and I love the idea of defending the walled farm in a scenario.

Models like this is the reason I split my large musketeer blocks into smaller bases, so they can man linear defenses.All of the figures below will be based on bases of six and become Sir Herbert Jackson's regiment of Foote.

Friday, October 06, 2017

Bolg's Shield and Standard Designs

 Here are some shield ideas for the Body guard of Bolg. The idea being that the white triangle will represent the mountain of Gundabad with its three peaks. Then within the mountain or around it will be the red eye of Sauron. The mix of red and white on black background should look quite striking.

I tried to keep the designs really simple, the sort of quick, slap dash paint job a twisted orc would do. I don't see them as taking a great amount of time on artwork or decoration so these designs should work well for them. They will be painted quite loosely with a lot of running paint down the shield.

These designs will also make good standard designs. I will choose my favourites for the leader and his top warriors.
A commute to London is never wasted when there are shields to design, great fun.

Shield Wall of Bolg

 I love this pic, I actually measured the shields up against the Dwarves and they are the same size. Perfect I thought, they are going to have real trouble getting through those.

Shield wall meets shield wall.

To add to the veteran nature of these huge Goblins I have cut chunks out of their shields using a file and added paper clip arrows. There is also an axe stuck in one. I will add a blob of superglue to the ends of these arrows and paint them as feathers.
 An order of a group of elves from eBay turned up with a huge orc in it a few years ago, I don't know who made him but he is a perfect captain for the Bolg body guard. He was going to be on Bolg's base guarding him but now he will actually lead the unit. The standards are from Reaper miniatures. I have included two on the leader base as this is an elite unit, there are also a high number of horns and drums in the unit as befits their status.

The bases will increase to a 60mm wide x 80mm deep to fit the larger figures and their long weapons. It's the 60mm frontage that matters, also makes them look a little bit more intimidating on the field. The extra space at the front I will use to put dead enemies on, this looks good and also makes the unit look effective..
 I'm really excited about creating this unit , It's the cherry on the Orc cake after years of painting grunts and maggots.
 Skin tone wise...these are huge Goblins but I don't see them as being Uruk-Hai. I see them as being an older race from the deep mountains and one from which Sauron probably took from to create the Uruk-Hai of the Third Age.
So for their skin I will still make very dark almost black but not with a blue hue ( One I use for Black Uruks). Maybe a very dark brown or with even a greenness to the tone would look good. I am not a fan of green GW orc tones but If it is dark enough It might look good. Maybe a mix of lots of different dark tones with the smaller goblins being of a lighter skin tone.
"BOLG...BOLG....BOLG.....BOLG....BOLG" Gets into your head after you've been singing it for a few days, catchy!