Thursday, April 25, 2019

Another day...another Warg.

Recently I discovered Reaper make another Warg like figure. Well not being one to miss out on anything I decided I had to have it. It’s listed as a Winter wolf but is in fact larger than their Dire wolf   figures. He makes for another great leader in the wolf/warg army. His two guards are actually from Alternative Armies and come from thier goblin wolf riders. He has just killed as he is covered in gore.
That is everything now for these vile Loopus, I can now start basing. I needed one more base to make everything even and with this done, I can now get flocking.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The New Fleet Earns Its Strips

The Invading Soriog finally meet some resistance. These models painted up for 15mm drop ships do make great capital ships too.

Finished Ships

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Full Thrust Fleet

Many years ago I down loaded the Full Thrust rules after watching Robin Fitton of Gruntz 15mm fame paint some ships on YouTube.
 Well, three years has pasted and I've dug them out again to have a read. I like these rules quite a bit as I have a huge interest in giant space fleet battles that goes back to my childhood. These models are from Zandris IV miniatures. I first looked at these years ago but last week I made the jump to light speed and bought a few.

The larger one is a resin model and is some sort of attack carrier, the other two are a Assualt crusier and a Beam cruiser.
 Z4 do a bigger resin piece which is a Dreadnought and this is on my wish list. Being a Dreadnought though, it is super tough in the Full Thrust rules and will take a lot of damage before it goes down. I think most FT fleets are made up of around 8-12 models so you have to be quite choosy when selecting models to buy, I still like the idea having a fleet of smaller frigates and destroyers based around a couple of larger cruisers and battleships. So maybe a massive Dreadnought would be too much...Still the painter in me will probably overrule that and buy it anyway.

Colour wise, these ships are painted with Foundry's Confederate grey with a darker grey for the armour. I weathered the ships by painting on tiny panels and chipped them with a sponge. Very enjoyable to paint and very quick too. Painting a fleet of these small ships will only take a few nights work, great stuff!

Tabletop study

Here is a snap shot of my desk today.  Many projects started but very few finished. I mean to do more on them all but it's finding the time. The fantasy stuff is still my main stay and my Dwarf army is still growing. I sometimes miss the 90's where I had just the American Civil war to paint.
AWI hide in the wings.
The Anglo-Zulu war is holding out in the Donga.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Iron Hills Dwarves hold out against the odds.

The large black Warg gives orders which are immediately turned into howls to instruct the swirling packs. This Reaper Bones figure makes a great commander for the wolf armies. Although he takes second place to the white Warg I painted a year or so ago, She is top dog! 

A thin line of Dwarves take the brunt of the wolf charge, any Loopus that manages to push through the shield wall is dispatched by the mattocks of the rear rank.

Fighting together as a single body is the only way to defeat this sea of treacherous, cunning devils. Any sheep that stray too far from the flock are quickly brought down and torn to pieces.

Basing Wargs and Wolves