Wednesday, November 29, 2006

XXI RAPAX marches for Secundus (campaign 39)

This tough bunch of veterans are the result of several years of fighting on the Rhine frontier. They have lost their light Pilum for the heavy throwing spear and have adopted many of the fighting techniques of their German foes. They wear local clothes and have aquired the taste for beer over wine, It would be fair to say that after seven years on the Rhine, the XXI RAPAX have gone native.

However, their constant fighting and campaigning have made them some of the best trained troops in the Empire.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Campaign map II

So here it is at last, the world as we know it. It's all pretty self explanatory really, although it doesn't look it, both sides are earning roughly the same in Province income.
Tullus still uses his armies in vexillations down in Carthage and Secundus's whole army waits outside Raetia.

Note a tiny silver mine that has been found in Upper Britannia, shown by the white triangle.

Both armies seem to be keeping their distance from one another......but for how much longer?
Game after six turns each (one year and six months)

Raetia joins Secundus (campaign 38)

Late in July, Secundus finally had a change of luck as the province of Raetia flocked to him with open arms. Secundus was pleased at the welcome news but not supprized, after all he did have a giant army behind him waiting on the border. He was hoping that the further away from the influence of Hispania he got, the more Provinces would join him without a fight.

Raetia, however, didn't know what hit her as thousands of soldiers decended in to her towns and settlements looking for wine and entertainment. The men had been unhappy for along time and Secundus thought it was better for them to take it out on someone else for a change, instead of his treasury!

Morale soared that month.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Senate backs Tullus! (campaign 38)

A very angry Secundus finds out that Tullus has won over the entire III Augusta in Africa and taken Carthage without a fight.

To add salt into the wound, the senate has declaired itself for Tullus and given it's full support to his cause.

More bribes next time I think......If there is a next time that is.

Recruiting in Germany (campaign 37)

The month of June saw secundus recruiting in Lower Germany. It wasn't long before there was an entire Vexillation ready to march under a British Eagle. Also in this month a garrison was built in Lugdunensis, to help control Gaul.

Although successful enemy propaganda slowed the construction by three weeks.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stuba Bowmonica destroys raiders (campaign 36)

With the German raiding party causing mayhem along the western banks of the Rhine, It was left to Stuba and his Sarmation heavy horse to stop them. Stuba already had experience in fighting the Germans and second guessed their every move. After weeks of shadowing them, he finally tricked them into accepting open battle and with the help of the III Pannonian horse cut them to pieces. For this act he received great praise and reward and the name of his unit became one of renown.

In game terms Stuba's unit receives veteran status.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Off season blues (campaign 35)

The off season is a dark time of year that sees the income of Provinces halved due to the bad wheather and conditions. It is a time of rest for the armies and of taking stock.

The winter for Tullus's troops was spent in good cheer, due to climent wheather in and around Hispania that year. However, Secundus's troops stationed in Lower Germany found it a very different afair! Polus had thought the winters on Hadrian's wall had been bad, but nothing compared to a winter spent in a tent on the edge of the Rhine. Grim!
Worse was to come as the waters froze, Barbarian raiders crossed the ice and attacked the settlements along the river.

The new year brings death for Tullus (campaign 34)

The defected Spanish Cohorts were put straight to work on the construction of a town in Baetica, where they were to be kept under close observation for a time. They brought with them a shipment of grain they had stolen from Gaul which Secundus would come to feel the loss of, during the harsh German winter. Altogether, these three Cohorts had caused Secundus alot of trouble, something he would not forget!
With Mauretania Caeariensis under Tullus's control, the III Augusta stationed there started to enlist in Tullus's army. It wasn't long before a large vexillation was marching under the banner of the Spanish bull. Bolstered by this, Tullus marched head long into Numidia to claim it for himself. At first the Numidians offered no resistance and melted away before the army, It was only when the army was twenty miles into the Province did they attack. Attacking from both sides and cutting off any escape the Numidian horse caused havoc among the heavy Legionaries and their baggage train.
The province was finally taken with the aid of the V hispania horse, but with great loss to the advance cohorts of the VII Gemina. Tullus had lost hundreds of men for a province of dust and sand, but he was now one away from his goal....Carthage!

Spanish units join the Tullus cause (campaign 33)

Three unhappy Cohorts slip away from the army of Secundus at night. And make their way through Gaul to join the forces of Tullus, stationed along the Tarraconensis border.
In game terms, 600pts worth.

Disaster for Secundus (campaign 32)

The month of August started well for Secundus also, with the descovery of a silver mine in Upper Brittania. Store houses were also constructed in the provice of Belgica so supplies could be gathered from the homeland.
With his own force still grumbling about pay, Secundus started to enlist fresh units from the German XXI Legion and soon a sizable vexillation had been recruited. These men were a ragged bunch and looked more like the Barbarians they had been fighting than Roman soldiers, But Secundus knew they were some of the best troops in the Empire.
However, this last insault was to much for the British legions and on the 12th September three whole Cohorts of Auxillaries ( mostly spainish) defected to the army of Tullus stationed in Tarraconensis. Secundus managed to stem the flow and quickly put the other units into road building to fill up their days, but the fact still remained he had lost a third of his invasion force to the enemy. Curse the Gods!

Blood in the sand (campaign 31)

The month of August seemed to go smoothly for Tullus and started well, with his scouts capturing a baggage train belonging to Secundus. He fortified the town in Lustitania and built another in Holdrianus, the Tullus war machine looked unstoppable. With his feet firmly planted in Africa, Tullus set his sights on the city state of Carthage with it's mighty port and prepared to invade Mauretania Caesariensis. To sweeten the process of invasion, Tullus paid a bribe to the Governor, who greedily snapped it up and opened the gates to the town. However, the local tribes and their chiefs were not so easily bought and Tullus's advance force was badly mauled on entering the province. This was the first setback Tullus had come up against in his bid for the throne.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The legend of Tullus grows (campaign 30)

It was while in Africa, that the story of Tullus's failed assassination attempt started to circulate amongst the men. Tullus had killed two assassins while in Hispania single handed, this figure now rose to eight with Roman propaganda. With the story bounding around the camps, Tullus's popularity grew and his men loved him all the more for it. Here was a man truely favoured by the Gods.

In game terms, Tullus is now classed as a 'good General' and receives a +1 on certain tables, this plus is also applied to his stats on the game board.