Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Painting Time...

I'm finally getting my head in gear as far as painting is concerned. It's hard getting back into the saddle after a long time away from the brush, but I'm going to start with just a couple of figures and lower myself back in gently.
It doesn't help that Boney keeps on at me to rebase his armies, I just haven't got time Boney...get off my back!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roman Legionary

Horse hair crests can make a man look bigger than he is, psychological warfare in the ancient world.

Finishing off the legions.

I have finally got around to working out and painting up all the missing command bases for my Roman forces. For many years some of my oldest legions have been without their Eagles, well not any more. It's a little thing but it means I can sleep easier at night now.

Next up are those Celt cavalry which have been gathering dust over the last few months. Now the Cybermen are done I can get back to them and hopefully clear the table.

Eagles for the armies of Britannia, Africa, Pannonia and Gaul.

Above is the Eagle for the African forces, made up mostly of old veterans recalled back into service.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Luck of the Dice

Dark Elf Surprise.

I had a lovely surprise the other day when a lone Dark Elf turned up on my door step. It had been sent by one Steve Cooper, who, after seeing my passion for the old eighties figures, had dug out then sent me one.
I didn't have that particular model which was a bonus. I was also very taken back by the extreme kindness of the chap who had to cross fire and high water to find my address. Many thanks Steve it was a wonderful surprise!

As thanks here are some real Dark Elves:

Lord Snagnec and his Black Cavern guard gather to study the strange creature killed by Longoth's arrow.
Beyond all the Gods, could it be...? The mythical being known only as a female...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Waterloo Collection DVD's

After doing my usual trawl through Amazon to check on new Historical releases, I was delighted to see three DVD's of the battle of Waterloo.
These seemed a little too good to be true at first but they turned out to be really good.
Three 90 min DVD's covering the whole waterloo Campaign narrated by a team of battlefield tour guides, which works well. Although I had to smile at their football style, blow by blow account of Derlon's attack.
I've learnt loads which is the main thing and they are good to have on in the background while you paint. I Recommend them.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Surround Sound

Staying in tonight, listerning to tunes on my favourite sound system.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hightech CyberLanding Shuttle

Flocked and locked, these bad boys are on a one way mission to Earth, hold on to your Enfield Alan here they come!

Can you spot the five Stealth aren't they.

A lone Tommy calls out in vain but is quickly silenced.

Job done, right I'm off for a Cyberpint down the Cyberpub. Mind you going to the Cybertoliet might be difficult, as I can't find the Cyberzip in this damn silver Cybersuit.

Cyberstrike Force Assembled and Ready

After the Silver spray paint was dry I gave the figures a wash of black Ink. This worked really well, better than dry brushing the Silver on. This looked much closer to the original suits worn by the actors in the 80's. Here is the completed Cyberforce. It contains four squads of seven, a Stealth squad, a heavy weapon (Cybercannon), a scout squad and of course, a Cybercontroller.

Each squad is lead by a cyberleader with his black handle bars denoting his rank. There are also two casualty figures that I made up from the old Citadel plastic range. If I find time I'd like to knock up a few more, but time is a rare thing these days. Talking of time, this must be the quickest army I have ever painted.

The Cyberforce producton line.

The Cybermen reveal their secret weapon.

All based and now sprayed with Silver car paint, they start to look like real Cybermen.

As their mighty strike force starts to take shape, they begin to take of the air waves with their superior technology.

Good Cyberman reference was quite hard to come by, but these detailed action figures proved a God send. Highly detailed and with detailed weapons they proved better than anything I could find in print or online.

French lancer Waterloo 1815

This is a member of the Elite Company of the 6th Chevau-Leger-Lanciers. The 6th differed from the other lancer regiments by having buff coloured equipment instead of white, also the Elite companies had red crests rather than the usual black.

News from the Front

A French light Infantryman.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back from Holiday

Well I'm back from Egypt and ready to kick some serious lead ass!