Sunday, January 30, 2022

Pouch Day In Dale

l think this is my favourite thing to sculpt in green stuff and one of the simplest to do. Many of these Rabble figures are rather sparse on belongings, so I thought I would add some belt details. 

Above, I challenged myself to do something a bit different and make some Elven pouches. Well you have to think leaves with Wood Elves, so I used that as a guide.

A bed roll was another idea to fill in some gaps.
This human archer is heading towards becoming an Elf, a feather on the helmet is all it will take.


Saturday, January 29, 2022

Green Stuff Rabble

Blitzing through the Lake Town mob giving them some extra bits 

An Elf gets a new look to help with the Wood Elf vibe.

A textured dental tool makes for a good woollen shawl.

More leaves on this Elf to help him blend in.


Wood Elves start to arrive.

A couple of Jomsvikings get turned into Lake Town guards, these will help guard the Master's gold 
Many years ago when I got back into Fantasy, I started collecting an Elf army. Looking for inspiration, I based the colours on the Peter Jackson films. There were lots of gold armour and blue garments, this theme worked well. However, after a year or so I decided to recreate the Battle of the Five Armies. My Elves although paccible didn't really scream Wood Elf. So I'm planning to add a bit of green stuff and try out some different looks.

My armies will be based on a Dark age feel, so there won't be ranks of uniformed soldiers. This means that each Elf can look unique with his own armour and colour.

I tried 'pulling' little bits of putty down with a pointed tool and this worked really well for a leaf cloak. There is a fine line before it starts to look too much like fur, but I did get a few good results. The trick is the spacing between the marks.
This in my opinion is the simplest but the most successful. It is just enough to add a little Wood Elf to the cowl. It doesn't steal the show from the great scale armour.
 Shapes in the cowls are another Elven trait that are easy to do. The cowls also help to cover the joins in the plastic kits.
The guy with the spear has become a bit too detailed in the leaf design, but I think the one with the sword is better.

Fire Forge Sargents make for excellent Elves. The torsos on the sprues are a mix of leaf mail and very Elven looking garments. All of these go well with the Oathmark plastics and can create a wealth of variety.

This is a Conquest Norman body with an Oathmark  head and arm. The horn is from the Norman sprue.

Here are those reference shots again showing the leaf armour.

These latest attempts certainly say Wood Elf a lot more than my other Elves. My original collection were based around the Grenadier High Elves.


Tuesday, January 25, 2022

COVID Free at Last

 Well, it took a lot longer than three days but I've finally shaken it off. I make it around 15 days...phew glad that's done with. It's taken away my painting mojo though which is annoying.

Time to start slow and build up again.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Fomorian support

A huge Marsh troll from Reaper Miniatures adds some heavy back up to the oceanic Fomori.
A good size guide against a standard 28mm figure. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the figure, bigger is better for sea monsters.
My troll/ Fomorian conversion is dwarfed by the new Marsh troll. It's from their Black Bones range which boasts a higher level of detail. However, I did find that it didn't fit properly in its base. This isn't a problem as some green stuff will sort that that.

The larger Fomorian line up with the new monster.