Sunday, January 29, 2023

Basing Night

Confederate artillery gets based up and flocked.

These were a group I bought off eBay a while ago and tweaked slightly. I added a few old Dixen figures to them to pull them up to strength.

Finally got around to basing up these strange, scary standing stones for the Celtic mythology project. This first one is a sacrifice alter for an evil Fomorian god. Bronze swords are left as offerings to appease the cruel entities.

Very old, but not forgotten.
This is another stone strong in ancient magic. Enriched by the blood of brave warriors, this stone can bring victory to those who worship at her.
Offerings are made and promises given.
The Gods will always collect on a promise, they never forget... or forgive.

The last of an Orc host is based up and finished off.


Droid Assault on Marpet

Five battalions of Battle Droids attack a Clone outpost. Heavy Clone resistance slowed the Droid assault, partly due to Clone gun emplacements.

Commander Cody and members of the 212th hold the east barracks, while Captain Rex and the 501st hold the communications centre.
A Z-6 repeating blaster readies for the attack.
I used very simple rules, influenced heavily by Warhammer to play a nice simple game.

 The Droids push back the defenders from the walls but are stopped by Droid popper grenades.

Next time.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Basing Night

The Buckingham Trained Bands form up for review.

A unit of Commanded shotte, each detachment has brought its own colour to fight under.

Put your faith in God and keep your power dry!


Confederate Skirmishers

Having a bit of a basing station set up, I thought I'd make the most of it and finish off some projects. These are skirmishers based up for Bonnie Blue Flag. I plan to use two bases per regiment. This group is enough for eight regiments. That's a couple of Brigades I reckon.

Quickly painted and then washed with Army Painter Dip. I didn't really worry too much about the paint job with an army to cover.
The Enfield rifle colours came out way. Vallejo 'New wood' is the perfect paint colour for the classic firearm.

These figures are the characterful Dixon figures.
Johnny just caught one.
These are painted using the Foundry Civil war paints, very handy for quick painting. These can be mixed with other browns to make endless variations of uniform colours.
The bramble patch gets occupied by Rebs, although they keep calling it a briar bush.