Friday, March 29, 2024

War of the Roses

Here is the first half of my Hastings Retinue. I bashed through these as fast as I could. I just used my black wash method rather than the length Dip method. I just wanted to get them done and based.
Painting half the unit at a time is nice and relaxing. I also think with less figures to do at a time, you actually do a better job on each one. 

I do like the character at the front. I painted the Hastings livery colours on a few guys.
These were still pretty quick to do, laying down base coats then washes and finally, highlights.

I have left a space at the back for a ninth billman as I thought it didn't look packed enough.
For the armour I used chrome paint from Vajello. It's very shiny and perfect for this period.

Update: An extra man has been slotted in so the ranks are nice and packed.

Update: The second part of the company is now done. I want to add a Hastings banner to it, so I have left a space.

I painted a chequed pattern on a helmet and this became the officer on the base.

This is how the company will look in Test of Resolve, one base behind the other. By adding a few extra men, the unit looks much more beefy and realistic.
Update: Hastings' Retinue gets it's strange motif at last. I like the idea of having quite a few standards fluttering around, so will try to add at least one to ever unit.

I used a bit of weathering dust from Tamiya to dirty up the banner a bit.
I've used slightly different blues and reds on the livery coats, colours certainly weren't standised in the period.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Autobot Slammer

After creating Blitzwing I started to look up Autobot tanks. I came across Slammer, a bot I'd never heard of before. I liked his blocky design so decided to create him in miniature.

I used a Megatron body as a starting point and built up from there.

 I'm pleased with the final result, he is obviously a tank. Bring up the heavy support.

Fellow Tank bots.

Update: Slammer is now finished. He definitely stands out from the crowd.

No mistaking another tank bot when you see one with his heavy treads.
Here's a little update, the box is getting a bit overcrowded at the moment.

Full line up if tank bots.
Scramble and Remix