Sunday, July 12, 2009

Front of the Arch Secundi


Via Secundi, leading down to the Colosseum Secundi

The Arch of Secundi

This huge arch was set up to celebrate the victory over Alanicus at the battle of Narona by the Secundian forces.

Secundus returns to Rome

On returning to Rome, Secundus checks up on the construction of his latest project, the Colosseum Secundi. The giant structure will soon hold games and events to please the crowds of Rome and secure Secondus's grip on the capital. "He who controls the mob, controls Rome" quote from the film 'Secundi, the true Emperor'

Secundus, was not pleased with the lack of progress, there was still a long way to go before completion and time was running out.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

5th of July has finally arrived, let battle commence!

Will the large numbers of Cavalry within the Army of Gaul out manoeuvre the German Legions for Tullus, or will the wolf-clad Germans turn the flanks of the Gauls, winning another victory for Secundus? Let the dice fly high!
The veteran General Dewolfus, leads the Army of the Rhine into battle in the name of the greedy tyrant, Secundus.
Meanwhile, the young charismatic General, M.Plinius Fulvius leads the Army of Gaul in the name of the Spanish soldier General, Tullus.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Steady Jones..easy does It...

After spending six months lost in work I have finally started to paint again...and It feels great! I had complete painters block after drawing for six months solid, a situation that had never happened to me before. I drew up plans and designs to get my mind fizzing again but I just couldn't get started.
My table, littered with half finished vehicles and figures was now covered in an inch of dust and I just couldn't change gear in my head. Then I came across the 'Art of War' Wehrmacht edition for flames of war. I'm not really into 15mm painting or gaming but the artwork and glossy pictures started to wake up my sleeping imagination again. On returning to my debris covered table I found my half finished British Platoon and with all the WWII painting tips in my head set about them like a man possessed. Another tip that helped me get started was to paint groups of three of four figures at a time rather than eight to ten man groups. I am happily painting away again now with the help of the Welsh fusiliers, Thanks guys.

Keeping the past!

After being voted the worst re-enactment group in Britain 2009 by Skirmish Magazine, the Hockley Roman Society meet to discuss events for the coming year.