Sunday, February 26, 2012

Judean Slingers.

These figures are a mixture of Foundry and Warlord Games (Roman/Greek Slingers).

I bought the Warlord Games ones from eBay a while ago, they had quite a thick layer of Army Painter on them. I managed to turn this to an advantage and make the 'gunked' hair into turbans. As the AP had taken away of the hair detail, they could be painted white and become very effective turbans. Thus giving these Greek Slingers a more Eastern look.

I didn't give the unit a standard or musician, but instead gave the commander a shielded bodyguard to make him stand from the rest. It instantly made him look more important than the others.

I also gave the base some piles of stones so these guys looked like they had plenty of ammo for the on coming fight.

Roman Auxiliaries.

Based and ready to go, this unit of Roman skirmishers is ready for war.

Celtic Raiding party

Well here they are after months of sitting on the painting table. I've finally got around to finishing them off. I have four units of Celtic cavalry now so to give myself a reason to paint them and to make them different, I converted quiet a few of these using plastics.

Spoils of war, this lucky Celt has bagged himself a Roman standard in a daring hit and run operation. I tried to give these guys the look of a raiding party by giving them Roman equipment and loading their mounts with loads of trophy severed heads. They also carry more standards than the other Calvary units. These will be the ones to watch on the gaming board I think.

A captured Roman helmet sits on this wounded Celts head.

I've used Warlord Games Plastic Celt heads to add more variety to the war band. After using over forty Foundry figures the basic poses needed to be given a make over.

On the run again, these swift horsemen seem to strike from nowhere and fade away just as fast, leaving nothing but dead bodies behind them.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Red Coats Are Coming!..

You can't beat a good bit of red coat reference. These guys were at Living history day last year.

It was nice to see some Light infantry from the American wars with the large wide brimmed hats.

British light infantry.

Right Place Right Time.

This Centurion found himself in the right place today and was painted using the paint left over from the Auxiliaries. It's a little thing but one that cheers me up. One down two thousand more to go.

Painted quickly using just a mid colour then washed with Citadel brown ink. After the ink was dry the same mid colour was painted over as a highlight. Job done move onto the next.

A paint job hardly worth a post, but there's nothing like getting an extra figure painted for free to cheer a man up.

eBay Romans

I took the risky gamble of buying some painted Romans off eBay this week. Last year after discovering eBay I went a little crazy and got quite badly burnt with some choice buys. However, this little lot worked out quite well and with a little extra work they have reached muster.

Behind the armoured Auxiliaries can be seen another unit that has sat dormant for months, my Judean slingers.

I based them to match my skirmishing units. I think it's fair to say that after a time away, I have the painting bug again.

I have retouched most of the colours and repainted the tunics completely. Still, even with these changes the whole unit was made ready in just a couple of hours.

The shields were all hand painted and look good, I have added a little weathering just to give them that campaign look. Buying a unit like this has saved me a lot of time.

The figures are Warlord Games plastic Auxiliaries. They arrived mostly ok with only one broken spear.

Celtic Cavalry

After about three months away from the painting table I finally picked up the brush again yesterday. These poor old Celts have been waiting for shields for a long time and are now ready to be based.

These cavalry were painted quickly using just base colours then washed with Citadel brown ink.

A few Warlord Games plastic heads have been added to these raiding horsemen to add character.

Although most of the shields were painted, I tried out an idea which worked really well. I drew the patterns on this shield with a thin waterproof pen...It worked and gave me a much finer line than I could of painted.

The Painting table has never been so busy in months. It's great to paint again and I find it really relaxing.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Syrian Auxiliaries

When I plan a unit I always draw up a picture of what I want to achieve.

Here is a quick sketch of a Syrian unit I'm thinking up to re-enforce one of my Eastern Armies. When you have armies of clone like Romans, I think it's units like this one which give character to an army.