Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roman Cohorts in C.O.E

After looking through the Clash Of Empires rulebook today and seeing their examples, I thought I would redesign the look of my Cohorts.
My Legions used to be made up of 3 x 24 Legionaries, but now I have restructured them into 4 x 18. They look a lot better and feel a lot more Roman too. The chequer board formation also adds it's self to some of the Legionary rules within the game, like giving unit support to forward units.

The first Cohort at the front with the Eagle base behind it. Followed up by three more Cohorts, this is my new Legion look. In game terms the Legion obviously can't be too big, but I like the idea of lots of men and think this grouping has the right number and feel to it.

The left over Eagle stand will join one of these smaller 18 man cohorts and turn it into the first Cohort with it's higher stats and greater man power. We plan to actually turn the Eagle stand (Primus Pilus, Eagle bearer, Vexillium standard) into a Sub-commander in the game.

Anyway I'm very happy because the units look 'Right' now and should contrast nicely against the larger 40-50 man war bands, again bringing more realism to the look of the game.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to work tomorrow.

Romans, crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle. Bronze ones are my favourites...

Roman crest colours

After a lot of research this morning, I decided to repaint the XIIII helmet crests red. This was for a couple of reasons, the first was that I found the actual web site for the XIIII re-en actors and they carry red plumes. The second was that I thought red would make them look more Legionary rather than Praetorian.
However, after spending half an hour repainting...I have to say I think I preferred them as they were, so I'll be painting them back. The white plumes tended to stand out a lot better where as the red is instantly lost. They are meant to be elite Legionaries who wear their plumes to mark that fact, so maybe white is better after all.

This is the XIIII before the hair dying session. I think I prefer these.

Above can be seen a Warlord Games Praetorian, Gripping Beast Praetorian and Foundry Praetorian.

At least one good thing did come out of this mornings work and that's that I got to muddy up the shields a bit. Which I do Like.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spray Can Method

Early days yet, but I hope this saves me some time. The rest of the Legion's cloaks were painted using Foundry's Bay Brown range. So I guess we'll just have to see If this lot fit in ok.

Figures from Companion Miniatures. A nice range of figures adapted from Mark Copplestone's range of Caesarians for Foundry.

My only moan is they are priced quite high and the Centurions have MASSIVE crests. I was lucky enough to pick this lot up a few years ago at Salute. I knew they would come in handy one day. " Just don't even go there Lucious"

Operation Work Sherk.

Tiding up the Empire at last, I thought It time I caught up with that to do list. After having great success with the spray can method of quick painting, I thought I would give It a go on these cloaked Legionaries.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

14th Gemina Martia Victrix Legion

Emblem: Eagle wings and thunderbolts.
Birth Sign: Capricorn.
Origin Of Title: Gemina from the combination with existing Legion.
Foundation: Julius Caesar.
Recruitment: Originally Cisalpine Gaul.
BATTLE HONOURS: Pannonian war, AD6-9.
Invasion of Britain, AD 43.
Invasion of Anglesey, Britain, AD 60-61.
Boudicca's Revolt, Britain, AD 60-61.
Battle of Bedriacum, Italy, AD69.
Battle of Old Camp, Germany, AD 70.
Trajan's Dacian Campaigns, AD 101 - 102 and 105 - 106.
Quadi, Iazyge and Marcomanni Wars of Marcus Aurelius, AD 161 -180.

XIIII Gemina Martia Vitrix 1 Boudicca 0

I really enjoyed painting up the extra four men needed for the Cohort and it really showed me the beauty of these plastics. I sprayed them silver then painted the red tunic, flesh then brown for sandals etc. Dipped in the brown strong tone from AP they came up a treat. Unlike those dirty Horse archers, I did take the time to highlight the flesh and armour after dipping. Very quick and loads of fun. The shields were quite time consuming but worth It. Boudicca Is in for a big shock when she finally arrives from Norfolk.

Another thing I like about these plastics, is the fact you can turn the heads and add real variety into the units with the poses.

XIIII Stand like a wall against both Celt and fellow Roman.

These are very scary close ups but the unit does look striking on the board. I have to say that some of the poses aren't how I would have done them, but I really like these plastics from Warlord Games. For what It's worth, I think these look better glued with the head looking sideways over the shield arm as if the man is advancing. This also solves the problem of the large bases the plastics have and fitting the figures on my movement bases.

XIIII Gemina Martia Vitrix

Here are those Praetorians I bought from eBay last week. I have converted them into Legionaries as I already have a Praetorian Cohort and can't really field two. So now they are the most Famous Legion in the Empire... the XIIII.
To show off their elite status they wear the horse hair plume on their helmets in battle. I have ordered another box of these plastics and look forward to seeing another Cohort join them.

The shield blazon was adapted from the actual XIIII Gemina Martia Vitrix re-en actors. I have always seen them in books and on TV (slightly overshadowed of course by the Ermin Street Guard), so It was nice to put all their research into my Roman collection.

Celtic Light cavalry

Another 'quick' unit of Celtic Cavalry joins the War bands. I have a further twelve to paint and then that should be all of them. Although I have chariots, I have gone for four units of Light horse, I just think they will be more useful. I dare say that in a year or two I will get around to painting up those Chariots, but they just don't grab me at the moment.

Horse Archers

These will now take their place in Alanicus' Army of Syria.

Horse Archers

These Horse Archers have been sitting in my cabinet for months waiting to be flocked, at last they are done. I used the unit to experiment with Army Painter many moons ago and have never looked back. They have been dipped but not highlighted afterwards. They were a quick unit to paint and I was happy with the way they came out. I based them on separate bases so they could 'snake' around enemy units and used a Dacian as their commander.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Followers are all gone!

I logged in today to discover that all my iron Mitteners had disappeared. I think those Goblins must have got into the wires again and wiped them all from the server.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

He's Spartacus!

The truth behind the legend.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I realised yesterday at Salute that I still have a huge soft spot for all things Orcy. I watched a game of Dwarves against Undead and really enjoyed looking at the figures. Also my friend showed me the fantastic Hasslefree Miniatures web site the other day, the figures are truly breath taking. Kind of Fantasy figures for the serious collector type, very nicely done and amazing pieces of sculpture.
Although I still have hordes of Fantasy Armies in the loft, I think I will stick to Historical and keep well away from the temptation of the Ring...well you know what I mean.
While camping last summer, my friends and I ran into a Goblin raiding party. Luckily for us they were the smaller forest variety and were quickly dealt with. Although I have to say they were very nimble on their feet and their arrows seemed to be impossible to avoid.

Once their leader 'Ball Bag' was dealt with the whole motley lot of them just faded away into the forest again, leaving me with a nasty blackthorn arrow to contend with.

Although thinking about it, we came off lucky as I have heard that Hill Trolls have started to come down into our wood in search of food. I have heard them at night and seen their fires but have stayed well clear of their paths cut through the forest.

Forest Goblins are one thing...Hill Trolls...they're something else.