Thursday, June 29, 2023

Creating Impactor

I really loved the character of Impactor in the new Netflix series. After buying an old comic and finding out his origin, I decided I had to create him. My version will be an early form in the early war stages to justify his appearance.
Impactor lead a group of commando Autobots in the comics and this unit would be great to game with. So Impactor got the green light and went into the assembly line. I used a small Optimus Prime figure as a starting point and added bits of plasticard for detail.
I loved his shoulder mounted cannon, mine might be a tad oversized but I like it that way. A meaty weapon that forms the main gun in his tank mode.

I used the corrugated plastic again to create tank tracks, this time flaring them out on the side of the legs. Making these bots is very fun and rewarding, I never thought I'd ever be able to war game with Transformers.
My oversized gun gets more greeblies on it, can you ever have enough...?

I quite liked the fact that a lot of his detail is made up of GW tank tracks. It just seemed right as he changes into a tank, they just gave him the right vibe. 

The character from the Netflix series, complete with his harpoon hand. I wasn't sure if to give mine this feature, but in the end I found a subtle Lego bit that worked.

Making these guns and robots has lead me to think about one day creating a space fleet of starships. I think it could be easily done, or maybe create some larger captital ships for a smaller range. Anyway one thing leads on to another in this hobby, I think it could be done.
I do love his shoulder cannon, you can see why he was such a formidable fighter.
Right at the start, a little Prime figure waits for his plastic surgery.
 UPDATE: Impactor lives!

Saturday, June 24, 2023

War for Cybertron

I thought I'd have a go at creating bases from cereal boxes rather than expensive plasticard. I used the cereal box stuff to do most of the panels and just added tiny amounts of plasticard for detailing. This worked well and should keep the costs down.

A new tank bot thunders into action. I used strips of the curragated plasticard to create tracks on his legs. Hopefully, with his Lego lightsaber gun barrel, he gives the impression of a tank when transformed.
Recoil is born!

Ironhide meets the new recruits.
Cybertron units so far.
A unit of Decepticon Heavy infantry for Xenos Rampant.
 This is Starscream's group of Seekers, cunning and deadly fighters. I had planned on units of threes but I have enough figures now to field five to a squad. These 'Seekers' were often made up for the cartoon episode, creating endless colour variations. The nice thing about having bigger squads is that you can include more of these colour variants.
Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Gunwing, Sunstorm.

Now that I had created enough to make units, I've had the daunting task of naming them. Many are actual characters from the cartoon, but many are new bots straight off the essembly line.
Ratchet, Cranktracks, Flatload, Springer, Recoil.
A unit of Autobot Heavy infantry. Springer leads a group of tough Autobots., Could these be the famous Wreckers? I may have to create a few of the Wrecker characters, as I do like the idea of a unit of tough commandos. 

It would be good to create the Wreckers as a veteran unit. I'll have to put a Impactor character together to lead them.
A unit of Autobot Heavy infantry lead by Ironhide.
Bullhorn, Remix, Hard-line, Ironhide, Bluebird.
A unit of Autobot Light infantry lead by Hound.

Hound, Sunstreaker, Howler, Sideswipe, Crossflare.

There are a few bots left that will start new units, like Shockwave and the two Decepticon helicopters, Havoc and Maniac.

Friday, June 23, 2023

Mad Max for Gaslands

well it had to be done... I couldn't resist it. In my charity shop haul, I found a car that looked very similar to Max's patrol car. So it seemed a crime not to create it.
I enjoyed trying out the weathering powders from Mig. I hadn't really got to grips with them before and these little projects are perfect for learning.

The military vehicle gets a good dusting down too. I'm getting a bit carried away with it now, it's a lot of fun to use.

Meanwhile back on Cybertron, another Autobot steps off the assembly line.

I copied a colour scheme from an existing character to help speed things along. His backpack is cut off of a hot wheels jeep. His wheels are spares from the Gaslands sprue, as is his chest piece.