Sunday, July 27, 2014

Adventure awaits.

Even an weary adventure party finds time to take in their newly flocked surrounding.

Union Battle Line

Spare plastic hats from the Perrys Civil War box sets are great for adding character. So make sure you save the ones you don't use, as they make great extras for bases.
 As my board is out at the moment and covered in freshly flocked scenery, I couldn't resist the odd shot. A struggling Union battle line finally reaches the cover of a rail fence...I hope it helps.
The figures are a mixture of Dixon, Perrys metals, Foundry, Redoubt and Renegade. The more different makes and poses the better I think for battle lines. I don't worry too much about some figures being taller than others...It just makes them look more realistic.


 I really enjoyed this project, creating something from a load of rubbish from the bin is very satisfying. I did try to find some designs on Cyberships but not a lot of stuff came up.

I'm pleased with my drop ship as it looks a little home made and so ties in very nicely to the old 80's Dr Who look. I kept it quite stark and simple and didn't try to cover it with markings and decals. The Cyber-race I thought wouldn't worry about such things.

There is a nice Cyberman logo from the very early years I could have put onto the doors but chose not to in the end, choosing the simple look. I just let the silver colour say it all.

 Two Cybermen guard the outer doors to the ship, while a three man squad goes off to investigate a disturbance.

 A Heavily armoured bridge protects the crew inside.
 Cybertechnology is silver, so the craft had to be a silver/metal colour. To give it a little more character I added lots of grime and dirt. It's a dirty job time travel. Although I imagine this vessel just as a drop ship, a larger parent ship would be the one that jumps through time. This drop ship is then dispatched to bring a landing party to the surface.
Time to move off.

The Cyberinvasion

 The Cybership flys low scanning the terrain for a suitable landing area.
 The Cyberforce disembark.
 "EXCELLENT!" The Cybercontroller makes his plans for world domination.
 No one can stop a Cyberinvasion once in full swing...Only the Doctor and he is light years away in another time...I think.
Cyberscouts (black) leave to patrol the surrounding countryside. A huge Cybercannon is readied in case of heavy resistance.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fighting for Boney

 BANG! One less rifleman to worry about.

Last week I got the chance to cobble together some French gear and fight for Napoleon. It was great fun too. Although my group is not a 'French' one, with a few greatcoats and the odd shako we became a fighting French Line regiment.
 Of course over here in England, everybody wants to be a redcoat or a member of the 95th Rifles, so the poor old French regiments need all the help they can get. I love playing French because you get to wear a shako!

 French firing line.
The guy playing Napoleon was very good, the best I have ever seen, including those in  films. It was like looking at the real thing. Here we are about to march onto the field.

 The pictures were all take by Ian Timothy and Sarah Ford.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


 I have been using BUF troops as a size guide, more on those later on.

 The landing craft in dry dock.

 I couldn't resist an invasion photo...
 Sprayed silver to make look more Cybertech, the craft is almost finished.

The Cyberforce doesn't look too good at the moment, time to redraw.

Cyberman Dropship (Cyberdropship)

 I've had my eye on several Shampoo bottles in the bath for quite a while and have always thought with a little work you could make a great spacecraft out of those...

 Now, last week on a trip down town, I ended up buying a DR Who Cyberman magazine. It celebrated Cybermen though out Doctor Who over the years. Now I love Cybermen, well the crap 80's ones anyway, so enjoyed flicking through it and seeing how things have developed over the years.

Well, it inspired me to get back on my Cyberman war game project and I wasted no time in chopping up more plastic Cybermen to make into casualties for the game.

However, I also started to think about some kind of landing craft for them. I did loads of research on line about Cyberships and it didn't turn up a lot of detail. Well, I thought I had better grab some of those Shampoo bottles and make one. So I did and very enjoyable it was too.

 I opened my bits box and searched around for pieces to stick on the bottles. Starting at the front I worked towards the back. It all kind of fell into place. A heavily armoured bridge sloped back onto listening sensors. Two large ports for unloading troops fast came next. These two ports were supported by a heavy gun turret on top of the landing craft. The back of the craft was heavily armoured with huge metal plates to protect the Cyberforce inside. It all worked itself out as I went along.

 It took on a StarWars feel with a Corellion Corvette look to it with it's hammer head bridge.

welcome in my world of Flock!

Studies in miniature

Friday, July 11, 2014

ECW Regiment

 The Earl of Manchester's Regiment of foote slowly explores their new flocked terrain. The ploughed fields and hedgerows look a lot better now with their added flock and they look even more ECW than they did before, well these chaps seem to to like'em.
I had bought some extra muskets from Bicorne Miniatures, these are great for creating characters within the officers.

The green rabble spread out along the hedgerows.

ECW Early manchester's regiment of foote


The basing was done quickly using earth coloured flock, then spots were added with green grass flock. It look effective but took no time at all.

 Although I posted about the painting process of my ECW regiment, I never actually got around to putting up any finished pics of them, so here they are. It's quite a large regiment and still is not finished, I plan to paint up commands for all four standards.

I based it on the early Manchester's regiment so there is plenty of variety in the uniforms to give it that early war look. Some even have the latest red coats, there is also plenty of Parliament grey in there too. A fun project this one and something I'm sure to pick up again before too long.
To give a better impression of packed ranks, I added a fifth figure into the base to really cram it out.
 Two sleeves of shotte around a block of pike. I plan to have a standard for each block with an extra one for the pike block making four in total.