Saturday, April 17, 2021

Lake Town update.

Well the good denizens of Lake Town continue to be painted in small groups of three at a time. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a new tin of Army Painter, but my first batches still aren’t dry. So to up the anti, I placed them outside to get some wind between their legs. It was nice to take a look at them in the day light and see a lot of the strong colours haven’t been too dulled.

Although I took pictures of them in the sun I didn’t leave them too long there and quickly moved into the shade. I’m not sure if extreme sun light effects drying varnish... but I didn’t want to risk it after all the hard work.

These have been shut up in the shed so it’s nice to get them out in the light and take a good look at the dip. It seems to be looking okay, any mistakes can be touched up before I matt varnish them.

Mob rule.

An eastern warrior reflects the trading that went on in Lake Town.

These two archers are fresh today! They join the ranks of the other toffee apples out in the breeze.
‘Well hello there” Ben Kenobi drops by to help with the defences.


Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Archers of Lake Town WIP

I have also dug out a few old citadel figures that seem to fit the Esgaroth look. The metal guy above is an old citadel fighter, his studded leather jerkin fits right in, as does his long sword.
I thought the men of Esgaroth should have a unit of bowmen in the battle. Luckily there are enough bow arms on the various plastic kits to put together a small force. I think a good force for Lake Town would be two units of 20 soldiers and 10 archers for the Oathmark rules.
I thought I would try something different for these new guys, fancy edges on the hoods. These were easy to do and looked good, they will help add variety to the units. 

I think the trick to getting better at using this green stuff is all about pushing yourself and actually, these little additions were no problem at all.

Frost grave soldier arms with bows added some nice longer bows into the mix. The Frost grave set also adds some nice extra bits and bobs to the Lake Town look, like coils of rope etc.
Oathmark plastic body mixed with a Fire forge Scandinavian set. I think this guy will be a guard of the banner bearer.

Frost grave soldiers again but with Oathmark bow arms.

Pole arm from Fire forge set, this is handy because the Oathmark set doesn’t come with any two handed weapons.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Lake Town Shields

 I dug out my old sketch book from last year where I penned some shield ideas. These should come in handy pretty soon.

Lake Men Take A Dip

Colours blocked in and given a quick highlight. Weathering the clothes is also worth doing at this point as it really pays off with the dip technique.

After giving these guys a highlight I dipped them in strong tone, well I brushed it on. I bought a new ton of strong tin after my last one went a bit weird, mind you it was about twelve years old.
I’ve really enjoyed cracking through this lot, doing simple block painting then dipping is actually very quick and rewarding.

The dip loved this figure from Victrix with his detailed jerkin.

I have seven more to do then the men of Esgaroth can take the fight to the enemy. I even dipped the Bard character even though he was already shaded, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

 Still not sure about the flag design, I kind of winged it and I’m not sure it works.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Men of Lake Town

We I’ve been messing around with more human sprue in order to create the fighters of Esgaroth.  

I had been collecting Viking figures up with the idea of doing this project for a couple of years, however, to get really close to what I imagine, plastic kits were needed. The Oathmark human set is actually a pretty good start. I had over looked this set at first but on second look, they make good Lake men. To this set other plastic sets were added from Fireforge, Gripping Beast and Frostgrave.

Rather than too many helmets I have gone for more bare heads and soft head ware. A kind of a militia look with armoured guys sprinkled in.
Peter Jackson’s Bard...
This standard comes from the Fireforge Northmen set. A single sprue off eBay was a good find. It also had some good commend arms on there too.
Green stuff was added to give a bit more of a fantasy feel. Lots of fur trims and cloaks help with the Lake Town look.
I recently just found these Frostgrave sprues today, these gave me great pointed helmets which could act as the town guard. I have made four of these and they will be peppered in the bases to give them a bit of backbone.

I imagined the men of Esgaroth to resemble Jomsvikings in a way. Slight cold weather clothing with lots of furs.

I really liked this figure when he was out together. The great head came from a Victrix Viking sprue. I thought he would make a good Bard. 

I slept on this idea and in the morning I decided it was still a good plan. In the end I swooped out his axe for a long sword also I put a bow and quiver on his back. Hopefully this we make him look like the hero from the book, I quite like the fact he’s not in heavy armour. 

The new and up dated Bard the bowman. The great bow on his back certainly makes him stand out on the battlefield.

Bard mid surgery. Losing the axe was a tough decision but a sword is better for a hero. Also, the men of Lake Town were said to be armed with long swords. The body and arms came from a Fire forge box set.
The  town guard will look good mixed in with the rabble. These experienced fighters are very welcome in the ranks of fishermen and boatmen of Lake Town.