Thursday, December 01, 2022

Rockpool Bases

I tried out some good old Milliput to create some seashore landscape. My thinking is I'm going to need quite a bit of putty, so why not try out some cheaper options. Greenstuff is better to sculpt with but it's not cheap.

The best thing about Milliput is the smell takes me back to my teenage days...

I bought this beastie to go with the Fomorian raiding force. To my delight it matches the size of the other fish like troll. This guy is a bit more crocodilian than fish, but fits in just as well.

I find Milliput a little more difficult to work with now after being spoilt by Greenstuff. It's very tacky and can make quite a mess with your hands.
Pushing on with it, I used large blobs to make various coral structures and mounds of seaweed.

I imagine this brute to snag quite a bit of seaweed on his spikes as he crawls from the depths.

This little tool came in handy for making sponges and corals.
Coral tubes are something a bit different and easy to do 
Anything that will catch ink and look weird will do, it's fun trying to come up with different techniques.


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Roundhead Horse

Better late than never, finally got around to basing this regiment of horse.


Sunday, November 27, 2022

Fomorian Warbands

After months of waiting these slimy bone suckers finally get their bases. Each base is worth six wounds in Dragon Rampant. However, due to their large size I could only squeeze five to a base. I guess five Fomorians equal six wounds. The bases with the larger Fomorians will have three to a base, as they were meant to be giants this all seems good to me.

Two units of mid-sized warriors make up bulk of the raiding party. 

A Fomorian chieftain leads his party forward. They carry no standard as they have just crawled up from the sea. His helmet was made by twisting the green stuff around to form a spiral shell shape 
I plan to cover the rocks on the base in seaweed and barnacles like before.
Any sort of fish or toad looking creature does not look out of place in a Fomorian force. It's quite fun keeping an eye out for new recruits.

Heavy support for the raiders.



 Beware terrain makers on eBay promising one thing but delivering another. Always make sure what you see is what you are buying.

The good thing about creators like Two Sheds Fred, is he makes the pieces then puts them up for sale. I'm afraid taking orders then rushing to fulfill them, will only lead to rushed and shoddy jobs. That leads to unhappy customers.

Luckily for me, I ordered from pine bark off Two Sheds Fred so I can tweak these bases, certainly for the best.

After a bit of messing around with flocks etc, the results are much better.
I made small caves by adding more bark across the top of the other stacks. These could be Goblin lairs or Celtic mounds.

A brown wash was applied around the lower edges where the stone meets the ground. After this a green wash was added.

This pine bark is amazing stuff for making rocks, once dry brushed it looks the business.