Monday, February 28, 2022

Mirkwood Company

I was just going to leave the company pedant plain green, but after a little thought I decided to create a motif. Something that could be painted easily and that would look Elven.

I'm glad I took the extra time to do it as I think it really finishes off the unit. Just a little bit of detail out of the corner of your eye.

The 2nd Lindir company.

I changed the number of coloured tails on the pedant so it represents the second company. I remembered I have been painting up a hero figure and he will lead the first company into battle. When finished these three companies will called the Lindir companies. So I guess that makes the hero character Lindir. 

The next three companies after that will have red tails to their pedants and will be called the Gildor companies. I have chosen Elven names I can remember easily.

The first company will also carry a larger standard to help mark it out on the battle field.


Mirkwood Fights

The first company of Wood Elves form a shield wall. This is the first of three planned for the Golden host. Three of these twelve figure companies will make a host, after this host is done, hopefully there will be a crimson host too.

I quite like the mix of shields, there is definitely a woodland feel to the unit which I'm pleased about.

I painted the spears with Vallejo 'new wood' to make them very different from the dark hordes of the Orc forces.

 Orcs crowd in putting pressure on the front ranks, reserves stand ready to fill the gaps of the fallen.

Friday, February 25, 2022

More Wood Elves


I wanted a dynamic horn blower to go with my advancing Elven command. So I bashed this guy together using the horn from the Gripping Beast Dark age box set. Oathmark Elf head and Fire Forge Sargents torso.
The helmet came from the Vitrix Norman sprue.

Conquest Norman's come with a few handy casualties in the box, these will be great for the shield wall. A dead immortal Elf carries quite an emotional weight to it, there's not many left.
I thought this Norman banner would be good in the ranks, might add a nice bit of green colour above the lines. They could be company pendants, so I could have one for every two bases (12 figures).

Someone did ask if I was going to do any trees on the shields, so I gave one a go. Not sure what this Oak would be made from, I suppose it could be thin bronze over wood.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Green Elves

Another batch of Green stuff kin join the painting queue. I quite like this fern, I will do some more of these.

Elven Herald.

A dynamic Elven spearman runs to the attack. The torso is from the HYW Perry's box set again.

Elven long sword.

A lot of these Silvan Elves are unarmoured, I hope they can hold out against the crude weapons of the Orcs. Skill over brute strength and malace.

A unarmoured Vitrix Norman gets the Elven touch.