Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Confederate Skirmishers/Artillery

To speed up the collecting process I bought a few painted figures off eBay. These were quite limited in poses, so I added a few more to increase the variety of positions.

I have given regiments four skirmishers each and have put two to a 40mm base to make storage better. The larger bases should protect the figures better in the boxes, I'm always worried that single based figures get thrown around a bit.

These will be used in Bonnie Blue Flag.
I have a soft spot for Dixon figures, I love their detail and character.

These were block painted with the Foundry Confederate paints, then washed with Army Painter strong tone. Nice and quick with good results. I used my trusty 00.5 pen to draw some patterns on the blankets. These shapes were then shaded in using GW contrast paints.
It's great to finally be able to use the Foundry rebel paints, a nice selection that really makes the process easier. Saying that, I couldn't resist adding a few of my own Grey's into the mix. Also combining some of the Butternut colours with the Greys is always a winner. After painting the Union army, these ragged rebels are very fun and refreshing to do.