Sunday, April 30, 2023

More Double Standards

Lewis Armistead surges forward leading his men. This particular figure is from Dixon miniatures.

The classic hat on the sword has become a part of the legend. I have another figure from Redoubt of the same pose.

Confederate grey frock coat is always a good look on an Officer. These Dixon figures don't have the officer Austrian knots on the sleeves, so I had to use the 0.05 pen to create some. At this scale you don't have to be too precise.
I'm going to have to rearrange these bases to include the second stand bearer.

Extra bearers for the Battle flags.


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Double Standards!

The latest batch of Dipped Confederates, there are some great characters in these Dixon figures.
The brush bristle standards work a treat and we're definitely worth the extra time messing around.

I've decided to start with the state of North Carolina. However, after buying a nice sheet from Battle Flag, I've noticed a few of the units carry a national colour too. So I've had to grab an extra stand bearer and quickly add him to the painting list.

These should look great when bases up, it'll be nice to have some rebel units carrying two standards.

 I don't know just yet but I imagine the national standard is carried on the right of the two flags, like in the Union regiments.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Raising the Standards!

Today I've gone through all my old eBay purchases and sorted out stand bearers. Many of these are from Dixon, characterful pieces but their metal flag poles need to be replaced. This I did will the old favourite, brush bristles.
Some of the standards were quite tricky to do, but the results are a hundred percent better. Now the pole will give and bend rather than snap.

Gathering the clans of grey clad warriors.
I do love the over sized looking Colt this officer has.

More large Colt revolvers from Dixon miniatures.

 Rally around the flag boys!

Monday, April 24, 2023

Confederate Conmand

I figured I had enough infantry bases painted now to warrant some command. These bases are made up of various manufacturers including, Dixon, Redoubt, 1st Corps and Foundry.
I do like the 1st Corps figures, they are lovely little sets. The standards are nice and thick too and save a lot of hassle.
This Texan standardbearer has been given plastic brush brissle. It's a good size and also has the benefit of being indestructible. 

This is one of my favourite officers. He comes from Redoubt and must be from one of their ragged rebels. His clothes are tattered and ripped. I also added a few patches to this latest batch using the pen again.

This officer is from Dixon and is on the small side of things, this is easily fixed by mounting him on a piece of card.
The card will be hidden with the basing.