Saturday, June 21, 2008

MG 42 in Action

I'm sorry I just couldn't resist it.

MG42 lays down suppressing fire.

The dreaded MG42 or 'Hitler's saw' as It was known to the British.
I was pleased with the milliput shell cases and will use the technique on my other gun emplacements and figure bases. I've started to base my infantry on 2p's now, rather than 1p's to give them more room for base detail. Also, It gives each figure a more satisfying weight when handled. This was influenced again by my trip to the MK games day and a look at what other players were doing.
Another top tip I tried and liked the look of, was adding some flock to the camouflaged helmets. This works well and adds extra detail to the figure.

German Mortar

Sunday, June 15, 2008

MG 42 Enplacement

This heavy machine gun nest will have ammo boxes added to it when they arrive. Also the the pile of Milliput next to the gun will be painted as spent bullet cases. Gravel and grit will now be added to both these bases to create really fine detail. With the addition of six MP-40's seen in the background, my Platoon will be finished and I can start on the Brit's, Huzzah!

Sculpting with my old friend Milliput

Above is a Mortar to add a little company support to my German grenadier Platoon. With my Platoon (36 men) almost finished, it's time to start painting the Company support options for the Game. After my trip to the MK Games day my interest in the II world War was rekindled and I bought a set of 'Rules of Engagement' skirmish rules. They are very good and have been researched thoroughly. With the ratio being 1:1, thirty figures is all you need for a good game being based around late war Platoon skirmishes. I'm also glad because it gave me chance to finish off my German squads I started over a year ago.
With the game not needing very many figures (50 at the most), It gives me chance to go to town on the few supporting weapon bases. This Mortar has become a small emplacement with the addition of some hastily added sandbags. The flat area behind the guy holding the weapon will become a map. I have also ordered some ammo boxes so they too will add detail to the piece, great fun!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Secundus for Emperor!

I'm 37 today! D-Day minus three, the 9th of June. Thanks for all my cards and presents and well wishes, also thanks to all the people who visit the 'Mitten' and make it a joy to do, Thanks again, Simon.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Finished Marshland!

A German grenadier enjoys a quick roll up, dressed in his Zeltbahn quarter tent. He looks around for the way out of this wetland hell.
The rushes and reeds were all painted browns and dry brushed green and cut down to fit with the figure scale (28mm). Taller clumps were later added to give a bit of variety and character.

Well they're finally finished and can be cleared away, after taking up my dining room table for more than a month or so. They were fun to do and I loved painting the water areas and getting depth by shading the paint.
They are quite large bases and any unit wishing to advance will be forced to trudge through them, rather than skirt around their edges.

Michelle and Jodie Marsh