Thursday, July 28, 2011

Off on Campaign again.

After having enough of the Britannia weather, I thought I would find an excuse to lead a expedition to Egypt to shake things up a bit.

Remind them of the might of Rome and their true rulers...

Then sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A trooper of the 1st Life Guards at Waterloo 1815


After waiting around 10 years for a Warhammer Napoleonic rule set to appear, I can finally relax with the arrival of 'Waterloo'. I started collecting my army about six years ago with the idea that when the game did appear, I would have ready painted armies. Well the game never did appear and I got carried away painting lots of lovely blue French.
Forge World aren't in my good books after dumping the ancient side of things, but because of my long wait I was curious about this new rule set for the horse and musket period from the Warhammer team. Also it is set around Waterloo like my French forces.

I decided to take a chance and buy it. WHAM! case shot right in the nuts...£36! Well I know I've waited ten years but £36...come on.
Well, it arrived in a gold jewel encrusted case and I was very pleasantly surprised on first impressions . It looks like a well put together game with loads of useful uniform guides and illustrations.

After the disappointment of Foundry's 'Napoleon' and it's lack of support, I was quite taken back by Waterloo. My friend informs me it is based around the GW 'Lord of the Rings' game which he tells me is very good.

One of the annoying things about the game though is that it has six figures to a base (=1 company) whereas mine are based four for use with 'Napoleon'. It's a small thing and one to which the rules actually mention and say it doesn't matter. however, when you've waited so long you want it to be just right. Mind you I will wait and see if the game is any good first before I start ripping figures off bases again. If anybody gets a chance to play it or sees a review do let me know, I would be more than a little interested.

So far I can't see any mistakes which is a bonus unlike Napoleon which came across as half finished and rushed . Anyway I will keep reading ... £36 was a little steep, but at the moment it looks like it was worth every penny.

I have ordered some new 60x40mm bases... I know I know.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


A sideways shot of my Celtic shelf. I love painting Celts ever since I discovered the Army Painter method. Mind you I still need to flock a lot of these.

A quick shot of one of the many Roman shelves. I have been finishing off the last Eagle bearers for three Legions lately, so soon my Legions will be complete ( well, apart from any other units I add when the wind changes).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The French Massive

A quick snap of the french shelf. It looks nice but I still have to flock more than half of them still.

However, they are now all totally rebased with four on astand. This sets me up much better for a whole multitude of Napoleonic rule sets.

I have gone off 'Napoleon' from Foundry after they didn't support it in anyway. I am still waiting for the Waterloo army lists for the game.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Cybermen made easy

Here is a line up of the contenders for the forth coming Cyberskirmish. The smaller two on the left are old figures from Citadel, the first being plastic. The larger one on the plastic base is from Black Tree Designs.
The whole Cyberman order arrived really quickly which surprised me some what. Cybermen must be a lot less popular than WWII soldiers that's all I can say.
I've decided to go with the BTD figures as they are quite imposing and match the right size for Cybermen, who are meant to be 7ft tall.

I have been trying out different ways in which to paint up the Cybermen. Simple is often the hardest thing to get right and the Cybermen were very simple, being silver all over.

The silver flight suit was darker than the mask which was sprayed silver with no other details.
First I tried dry brushing silver over a black undercoat, the detail looked good but I couldn't get that DR WHO low budget look I was after.

In the end I copied the actually live sized suits and sprayed the figures with silver car paint. This works really well! I then give them a wash of Citadel black Ink and then dry brush their body armour with silver paint again. This adds more shine and makes the body armour stand out from the darker suit underneath. Very simple and the most important thing...very quick and easy to do.
Cyberleader; "EXCELLENT!"