Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Idea for Soriog VTOL

 I found this great toy of a Halo 'Banshee' and thought it ties in very nicely with the style of the Soriog from Khurasan. As yet there are no released vehicles for the Soriog.

I bought three off eBay for not that much and was pleased with the scale of them compared to the figures. Easily big enough to be a troop transport or air support vehicle. The air foils at the back also give great cover for troops disembarking.

 A Soriog landing bay on high alert.
 Soriog are very large compared to humans, each one of these craft can carry seven Soriog into battle, that's one squad in GRUNTZ.

 As the Soriog are heavy influenced by the design of the Elites from Halo, It makes sense that actual Halo toys and models would fit like a glove. Below is a planned Soriog tank coming hopefully later this year.
 I will still buy the future releases for the Soriog that Khurasan have been planning, but even then these models will still fit in nicely with the range. As even the Soriog vehicles are influenced by the Halo game designs.
 I have also ordered some GW flying stands and some magnets from eBay for these ships, It will be nice to detach them when they touch down to unload their teams of angry Soriog.
Recommended for any 15mm sci fi game. Cheap compared to wargames models and great looking.
I will leave the gaps in the side of the flyers open as If they are windows for gunners, may even stick a few Soriog hanging out, now I just need to book some painting time.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Test Tau

Working on the idea that the Tau battle suits would make great  Mechs for the 15mm Soriog range, I bought a couple cheap on eBay and started to experiment with painting techniques. Not having a air brush, I worked with spray paints. The results were okay but I think with the thicker paint results I will stick to just two colours next time. It was fun to mess around with camo, however after giving it an unhealthy amount of thought I think I will paint the Soriog machinery with just one colour.

The results above (crude as they are) were achieved by using blue tack as a masking material, then washing with ink and weathering the model by dabbing paint with a sponge. The test above was worth doing as I learnt some valuable lessons.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Soriog Warrior

A huge Soriog warrior screams his war cry in battle. He is equipped with hard case battle armour and carries a large energy rifle. 

The Soriogs are a race of large reptile like aliens created in 15mm by Khurasan Miniatures.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Soriog Sniper

Here is a quick sketch of a Soriog Sniper, a range of high tech aliens created by Khurasan miniatures.

 As soon as I saw these sculptures I fell in love with them, partly because of their paint scheme. They reminded me alot of the TAU from GW. I had missed the boat with the Tau but had always liked them, this new 15mm range from Khurasan got my imagination running again and I purchased a bunch of them last Christmas.

Although I don't get much time to post on the Blog I am always still researching and buying new figures and rule books. I have been very taken with GRUNTZ 15mm and have collected at least four forces to play with. The first lot 'Rim Defectives' have been in cryofreeze for months while real life has taken over for a while. However, I am loving the challenge of painting 15mm Sci fi. I love the fact that in Sci fi any thing goes colour wise, the imagination can really go wild.

Anyway back to the Soriog, It is the colour scheme that is all Tau on the Khurasan website, the actual design is very heavily influenced by the 'Elites' from the X-Box game Halo. Khurasan have also started to release other members of the Soriog Empire that match the Halo game. A jackal type of auxiliary and plans to release a giant worm like warrior much in keeping with the 'Hunters' from Halo. I love these designs and will be probably copying the sandy paint scheme as It's a great way to exercise the Inner Tau in me.

Also you could use a lot of Tau machines with these guys as their legs etc look very similar. Also being 15mm the Tau machines look like massive Mechs, Khurasan have plans to release Soriog Mechs/ War Harness but they have been in production for a while now. Tau battle suits are a great stand in for the time being :).