Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mob rule

"What's going on here with all these Celts and their masters?" The ECW protest march gets under way around the painting table.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The wind of change

Something stirs in the light of the new moon. Much Roman blood will flow before the light of day chases It from the sky.

Druid Gealoc has returned from the north.

Celtic Light Cavalry

All shielded up and matte varnished.

Although I enjoy making up and painting Celtic shields, I always include a couple of transfers to a unit to give it a little more fine detail.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crusader Rules Deal

I took Crusader miniatures up on their offer to buy these three books for £25 last week. They arrived today and are very well produced. As I said before, I tend to buy up rulebooks even If I don't intend to play them and skim them for goodies. I'm finding the army lists very interesting, they seem to have paid for themselves already.

Celtic horsemen arrive from the mountains

I've finally found some time to finish painting up my Celtic cavalry that have been sitting there since Christmas...Hurrah! I have bashed through them using Army Painter and have just Matte varnished them. Next up the shields.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Let The Games Begin!

It's a very exciting time for Ancient War gaming at the moment, with the arrival of three new rule books, all destined to be released at this years Salute in London. For my money, Warhammer II has been a bit of a flop, with years of waiting and no supporting material, the final rulebook was a bit of a let down. A year has gone by now almost since its release and still no supplements to support it, Forge World may be excellent at making models but seem to be terrible at living up to promises. I think that the black cloud that has engulfed WAB II has opened up a gap in the market. For many years WAB has been second to none In my opinion, but now with the game on its knees I think other companies have seen their chance and moved in for the kill.
The new contenders in the arena are 'Clash of Empires' by Great Escape Games (C.O.E), 'Hail Caesar' by Warlord Games and 'War And Conquest' by Scarab Games. Poor old Rob Broom after being shat on by WAB and Forge World rises like a Scarab beetle from the dung and launches his own company and rule set. Good for him I say, you show 'em Rob. For me getting rid of Rob after years of hard work on WAB was the death of the game. I haven't heard much about his new rules but I wish him luck with them, he's going to need it with such fierce competition looming out of nowhere.
'Hail Caesar' from Warlord seems to be based on their successful Black Powder rules which have proved very popular. Like many War gamers I tend to collect rule sets even If I have no intention of playing them, combing them for ideas and tips. However, I found Black Powder's lack of army lists a real drag and a lot of extra research and working out that I didn't have time for. As hobby time gets even more precious I can't even find time to paint let alone research army much as I enjoy it. This lack of lists has tainted the water for me as I like to know what I'm collecting and have lots of pointers and tips.
As It stands at the minute my Denarii is on 'Clash of Empires' by Great Escape Games. It seems to be very similar to WAB in many respects in game play but with lots of new lovely extras thrown in. Armies have their own character and traits which for me is great and just the sort of thing I look for. Also Great Escape Games have promised to release loads of supporting army lists and supplements within the first year, another tick in my book.
Well lets just see what happens, the War games world is full of surprises; why I remember getting excited about Field Of Glory (FOG)...yes quite. I think the real key to success is making a good set, then supporting it and being there for the players. 'Napoleon' from Foundry was another set I got very excited about and even rebased my French army for. To my knowledge Foundry have dropped It like a lead balloon, with no supporting material. I'm still waiting for the Waterloo Army lists for the game...very poor. Anyway that's enough from me, Let the games begin!

May the best Game win!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parliamentarian harquebusier

An unhorsed Iron side fires off his flintlock pistol, made in London. Only parliamentarian troops had access to these superior English arms.

World Turned Up Side Down

'Brother, what I feared is proved too true, which is your being against the King; give me leave to tell you in my opinion 'tis most unhandsomely done, and it grieves my heart to think that my father already and I, who so dearly love and esteem you, should be bound to be your enemy. I hear' tis a great grief to my father'.

Edmund to his elder brother, Ralph Verney MP.

Turnham Green Battle Site

Nice to see a Angus McBride in there.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spot the Royalist!

Sir Spencer Redmond never could resist a tune.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Thoughtful Royalist

Secundus throws his lot in with the King after finding a Charles I wig, a red blanket, a pair of old gardening gloves and a big black hat.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The English Civil War...It wasn't English and It wasn't Civil.

The Battle of Nantwich (25th January 1644).

Royalists take Bedford!

Exciting stuff, Royalist re-enforcements arrive in Bedfordshire after a two week march.