Tuesday, July 31, 2018

African adventure

 Love this illustration, this inspiration powered me through my unit of red coated regulars.

 I know it's not quite right but I couldn't wait to see what my new painted Zulus looked like on mass.

Speed painting British 1879 Infantry

 This is a plastic Perry figure. Very nice it is too, I do like the helmets on these sculpts.

Spray black and paint in the belts with a can. I then highlighted the canvas with an off white colour.

 I used burnt red for the base of the tunic and then highlighted with bright red. I gave the red a wash of dark brown when it was dry too just to pick out some more detail.
 Foundry Drab B is then used to paint the helmet. This is then given a wash with brown ink to shade it. Job done! It doesn't really need any more. I think I might of added some black ink around the band on a couple of figures but that's it.
 Royal blue from Tamiya was used for the trousers, this was then washed with black and highlighted again with the same colour.

 I gave the trousers quite a good dry brushing of drab colour to act as dust. Details like the cuffs were added last. White is always tricky to paint but these British troops painted up quite quickly with only the Austrian knots on the arms causing any real concern.

 Perry plastics with Artizan metal Afghanistan British. The figures fit well together.

The belts and bags were given a wash with brown ink again to add some weathering and a campaign look.

the Perry plastics painted up well and I loved the fact you could have fun with the posing. I liked the idea of having a few looking down at their rifle as if they were having trouble loading it in the panic.