Saturday, July 22, 2006

The East turns (campaign 15)

Centurion Vitus returns with bad much for Eastern promise. The legions stationed in Syrria and Thrace have put their support behind one of their own, a man called Aulus Proctavius Alanicus. Secundus's run for Emperor has turned into a marathon. No matter....the West is the best, Hail Secundus!

Why are slaves always revolting?

A friend of mine (thanks Tom) suggested introducing some poor quality troop types to the game to contrast with the elite forces of Rome. So i managed to find some good slave figures from 1st Corps Miniatures and put together a warband of freed slaves. These slaves have been promised their freedom in return for service on the field, they will add real character to a game but I don't fancy their chances much against the mincing machine of Rome. I'm Sparticus!...oh no wait...there he is.

Friday, July 07, 2006

From wall to coast (campaign 14)

Lucullus and Polus, along with most of the II Augusta have been moved down to the staging ground at Richborough Rutupiae. Here they will board the transports that will ferry them to Gaul. They have spent the last three days since their arrival expanding the exsisting fortifications, in preperation for the huge invasion force that will be needed for such a venture. The two brothers are looking forward to seeing their home country again and their spirits are high. It was while on sentry duty again that they got their first glimpse of their new Emperor......they weren't very impressed!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stuba Bowmonica of Pannonia (campaign 13)

Here is the mighty Stuba Bowmonica of the III Panonnian horse, seen here taking a short water stop with his men as he rides to join his old friend Secundus in Britannia. Bowmonica's unit was the only one who accepted Secundus's offer from the armies stationed in the Balkans, and he has been promised the command of the elite Sarmation heavy horse on his arrival, a premotion too good to refuse.

Campaign map #1

This is the first draft of the Campaign map with all its provinces, most of them are real but a few have been added to give more scope in the game. Also the seas have been devided into provinces, this is to help work out piont costs for travelling by sea.Small towns=25pts, Towns=50pts, Cities=100pts and ports help reduce sea travel costs. I shall delete this post once the real Campaign starts, but I have put it up here so you can all have a good butchers at it and let me know if you're all happy with it of not. Sea travel is 400pts per province -100pts for owning a port.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tales from the East! (campaign 12)

Finally, the messengers sent to the Eastern provinces have returned with news.....and it isn't good. Secundus had sent out dozens of runners throughout the Empire to seek support from other unhappy provinces, now, with the return of a handful of them, he descovers that the East has got its own ideas of Empire. The powerful armies of Pannonia and moesia have declined the offers made by Secundus and are sitting on the fence, watching events unfold closely, also there is rumur of another clamant to the throne from a man in Syrria, but these reports are sketchy to say the least.