Friday, September 29, 2006

Gaul (campaign 22)

Centurion Manius Valgus Celer of the 2nd wasn't shy of using his vine staff on the march. The men joked that it was to beat out his own frustration at being scared of this new land. Still the men were glad to have him at their front, for his nickname of 'Celer the bull' was well earned.

Stuba Bowmonica's Samation horse can be seen here scouting out in the wake of the army.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gaul (campaign 21)

With the rain dropping away at last, travelling becomes easier for the men of the 2nd.
A shot of the heavy armoured legionaries with their re-enforced helmets and arm guards.
As the sun finally breaks through the clouds, it reveals a man with alot on his mind.

The II Augusta trudges through Gaul (campaign 20)

After the Auxillary Cohorts came the main force, the 2nd Augusta with it's black shields glimmering in the rain and the clank of it's armour echoing off the forested walls of the valleys.

Even though the rain was bad, Pollus was still glad to be back.

Secundus marches on Gaul (Campaign 19)

The heavy rain has made movement by roads almost impossible, here the lead elements of Secundus's guard forge their way through the Gaulish countryside.
So much for good wheather...ever since the march began the heavens have thrown every thing at us. The Gods are very unhappy about something and alot of the old veterans are grumbling about bad omens. Still, I'm glad somethings are constant.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On to Gaul! (campaign 18)

Finally the troops are moving, for months they have sat around doing nothing and growing, they are off to war. Morale is at an all time high for the promise of plunder and spoils has made the men eager to get started. Pollus, for one, is glad to be leaving this cold, wet little island behind, with the thought of seeing his homeland again.

Cohort after cohort prepares to board the transports that will take them to Gaul and victory. The ground seems to shake under the weight of thousands of hob-nailed sandels. And the air rings with the blast of the hundreds of cornicens. Victory must follow such an army as this, surely?

Secundus takes the plunge (campaign 17)

With the campaign season almost at an end, Secundus decides that he has waited long enough. On the 8th of September 200AD Secundus gives the order to invade Gaul. Some of his older generals warn him of the bad wheather to be expected in marching so late in the season, but Secundus has made up his mind. If war will not come to the coasts of Britannia, then he will take it to them and cross the channel. All he needs is a little wind and alot of luck.