Saturday, July 31, 2010

Roman Buildings

" Can we try it over by the entrance again, I think it catches the light better there"


Roman Buildings

Roman building

A couple of details of Paul's amazing work. I love the fact that each model is slightly different with it's doors and windows.

Roman Buildings from 'Touching History'

Today I received a big box of excellent models built for me by Paul Darnell of Touching History. I knew they would be good as I've seen Paul's work before, but the quality blow me away when I unwrapped them. Amazing stuff. As well as the two Greek/Roman farms I also ordered a Large Roman building and a 18Th Century type farm. The latter can easily pass as Roman and should fit in nicely to create a small settlement for the table top.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Celtic Cavalry

The head jobs done using the Warlord Games plastics worked a treat.

Celtic Host

Shields painted up and ready for flocking.

Fashion tips in 28mm

One little trick that I tried out was a quick way of getting the really small checked pattern you see in all the books. I normally paint crossing lines on the clothes but by dotting down the trousers and tunics the impression of tiny checks can be achieved. I stumbled across this while colouring up my illustrations but It works just as well on the figures themselves. They may look a little rough under the Macro lens, but to the naked eye they really work. Tip of the day.

Celtic Cavalry ready for the dip

I do like using this Army painter and love the way I can get through a whole unit in a matter of days. Being a painter at heart though, I do add like things here and there to improve the result. I like to add my highlights before the dip is used and try to put in as much detail as I can before the big plunge. However the secret is still keep it quick and enjoyable, 40 cavalry figures is a mountain of lead.

Working in groups of six figures at a time can be confusing when it comes to drying time, so I make a note of when the batch will be dry for each one. I have learnt my lesson the hard way and now I make sure I leave them the recommended 24 hours before matt varnishing and retouching.

Celtic Cavalry

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Attention all WAB Heads

For my money the best WAB rules I've ever come across aren't actually in the rule set, they were designed by a clever chap who's name is lost to history. A few years back my gaming buddy down loaded this alliterative set from the Inter-net and we loved them straight away. They are basically the same of course only that a little more detail has been put into the troop types and for playing a Roman civil war, this was fantastic.

The three rules which are for my money the best in any game I've played, are the different options for Roman fighting styles.They are about three quarters down the page (Gladius Hispaniensis) and give the Roman player the choice to go on the defencive or attack or fight in relay. These three simple choices give an immense feeling of character to the game and allow you to meet threats head on or to attack when the time is right. Really great stuff and for me the most fun element in the battle. The rest of the rules are pretty similar but these three I recommend you incorporate.

They soon disappeared off the Inter-net after we found them and I thought they must be being written into the new rules, but they weren't, so I thought it the least I could do is to post them up and give other players the same enjoyment I get from playing. "Commanding a Cohort has never been so much fun" THE TIMES.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Celtic slinger

Awwwwww that's a keeper!

Celtic skirmishers gather shot before running forward to screen the warbands.

Celtic Noble

"Are you looking at me?"

Celtic standard bearer

Thursday, July 15, 2010

head jobs

Two crude conversions using Warlord Games plastic parts. These didn't turn out too bad and It gives me the chance to include a few more helmets into the masses of hairy heads.

These have been dipped in the strong tone of Army Painter and are yet to be matt varnished.

Thundering hooves

I'm gong to paint them in groups of six, this is a good number as I can get through them all in one night and see results quickly. I have had to order some more command figures from Foundry as the ones I have don't really stand out. These small Foundry figures are very nicely sculpted and I like the fact they are mounted on small native ponies.

Celtic Army

A couple of years ago I pounced on a Army deal going cheap from Foundry. Foundry are very expensive but every now and then they can do good bargains. It turned out even better value as I managed to get a few chariots extra by mistake...result! The deal came with thirty cavalry and with my new found love of Army Painter, those numbers no longer hold any dread for me.

I added 9 figures from 1st Corps and 3 from AandA Miniatures to create a little variety in the horde. Also because there were multiple figures, I did a few crude conversions using plastic heads from warlord Games. I intend to paint them quickly and see how many I can do before I drift on to something completely different.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Catuvellauni 1 Iceni 0

Centurion Macro

This tough old veteran is Centurion Macro from the 'Eagle' series, written by Simon Scarrow. I made my way through his first four novels before the tug of factual books tore me away. However, finding myself dealing more and more with unruly Celts has lead me back to pick up where I left off. Very enjoyable reads and good food for the imagination.