Monday, October 18, 2021

Two Sheds Fred

I treated myself to some more lovely scenery made by Two Sheds Fred last week. I bought some corn fields and a bit of terrain which I thought could be used for the ruins of Dale. Dale will be used for my Battle of Five Armies battles.

As always the models are great but I will add ink washes and grass tufts to just improve them slightly. I seem to have acquired a large stock of grass tufts over the years that I will use on the wheat fields. Also some mixed herbs scattered down to look like crushed corn might look good on the flattened areas..

A few more grass tufts will improve these slightly. These handy tiles can be laid out in random patterns. I used this same plastic door matt to create my own version of this some time ago, but I do love the dry earth ground. These look very different to the ones I made and should add some more  variety to the board. £16 for three bases.
Iron shod, hob nail boots are a bl00dy nuisance out here, look at the damage they’ve done.
Being Dale I wonder if a few Dragon breath scorch marks might be a good idea…
One of the Goblins made with some of the new bits from the Wargames Atlantic set.

The ruins of Dale is now crawling with Goblins and fowl folk. The Wolf riders scout out the old city, their mounts use their keen sense of smell to search out any unforeseen  ambushes.

Get off my land! When I saw these corn fields I thought they would be great for my ACW battles. They look very effective from low down.
The next three pictures show a bit of extra tweaking by adding more tufts. The mixed herbs will take a bit of space to do and I’ve lost my hobby table to a sewing machine at the moment, so I’ll have to wait.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

SELWG show 2021

Well what a wonderful day I had today at SELWG. The first show I’ve been to in a very long time. I offered to help run a very clever game called ‘Moon over Sedgemoor’. The game was created by some old friends of mine in the Prince Rupert’s war gaming club. It is an intriguing looking game which involves removing tiles that represent the darkness of night. 

The army of Monmouth struggles and stumbles forward in the dark trying to creep up on the sleeping royalists. As they pluck their way through various obstacles there is a chance they might make too much noise and alert the sentries. Dragoons patrols and other nasties await under certain tiles, as well as friendly peasants etc who could help you. It’s a very clever game and it was very fun to run. The combat is a very stripped down version of Donnybrook for ease and speed of play. It was nice to see players enjoying it and especially one little girl who came back three times with her dad.

The terrain was made by a talented member of the club and was painted in monotone colours to represent a night time landscape. I have to say it looks great and is very atmospheric with the lights in the house windows flickering away.

The wheat field is the only area open for the players to see. It’s a quicker route to cross but very noisy so beware.
Redcoats and Rebels come together and all is forgiven as the game is awarded best in show.

Rebels have reached the camp and have used the element of surprise to cause havoc. Flickering candles in the fire explosions was another nice touch and added to the nighttime ambience.

 I think the uniforms also added to the fun. Rupert’s have re-enacted the Monmouth rebellion many times at events, as they can double as the 1st Foot guards of James II, so it’s a subject very close to their hearts.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Wargames Atlantic Goblins

It feels like I’ve been waiting for these for years, well the wait is finally over and I have a box! The main thing about this box is the multitude of different heads you get, in fact it makes this box a must have for any budding orc master.

Most of my images here have been created using warlord Games orcs, Oathmark goblins and the new heads and shields from this new box. Above, the two on the right are the new goblins created straight from the box, the larger one has a body from Warlord Games and the arms from an Oathmark goblin. The head is from this new kit.

I’m not a massive fan of the way the arms go on these new releases from WA, but above we can see Oathmark arms can help with that. The good thing about the Oathmark kits is you get a lot of spare arms and these come in handy right about now.

In the background you can see the arm joints on the new WA goblins, I might add some green stuff to mine to help matters.
The heads are the best about this set by far and they are fantastic for adding more variety to units. They are styled on the artwork of the late Angus McBride, much like the ones from Warlord Games. This is a bit of a boon as it means the two sets mix very well together.
Above, warlord Games torso, Oathmark goblin spear arms, wargames Atlantic head and shield.

A large axe from the Frost grave Demon box helps give this orc a menacing look. Some of the new WA heads are quite large like here and so fit the larger torsos of other makes well.

 In the box are two spider rider torsos cut at the waist. These fit nicely with the split torsos of the Warlord Games orcs. This guy has been made in such a way. He also carries a shield from the Oathmark goblin set.

I think this new Goblin offering is a good one to have in the collection just because it gives you so many more options for variety. The arm joints to the body are a little odd maybe but this isn’t really a problem mixed with other sets on the market. You can make thirty in a box so the value for money is good for £25. The main plus of course is the amount of different heads you get in the set. All of these can be fitted onto existing ranges with a little knife work no problem.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Two Sheds Fred Terrain

I found these nice looking rock outcrops on eBay the other day. They looked very nice and well made so I took the leap and ordered a set for £15.  I don’t mind spending a bit of money on terrain I can use for multi periods. These fit with my Fantasy armies but also would be great for FIW and ACW too. Devils den sprang to mind.

I think it’s a father and daughter team and they seemed very friendly and helpful, I think they would take requests for specific terrain pieces too. I saw they also made jungle bases.

When I get my Flocker out again they will get some long grass around the out crops too.


 They were very nice before but to tie them in with my own collection, I gave them a few brown and green washes from the Woodland scenics range.

They make great bad lands terrain and great cover for sneaky orcs.

Devils den…

Update; since posting this I have contacted them and enquired about making some hills, they are nice people to deal with. Watch this space…

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Oathmark Pelennor Fields

I had another great day today at a friends house playing a very large game of Oathmark. This was very fun battle of the Pelennor fields based on events from the book rather than the film. It was nice to see all the different factions of Gondor and to see Aragon come in with the rangers towards the end.

 It was quite a close battle but the Lord of the Nazgul with his black breath was a very hard unit to beat. In the end we ran out of time and on adding up the victory points, the forces of evil won out.
Riders of Rohan pour onto the field. The first three units engaged infantry and trolls head on with good results. They had two attack dice each and sowed merry havoc among the foul folk of Mordor. However, it was the supporting fourth unit that managed to hang back then inflict devastating results in two flank attacks that made the day for me. It reminded me a lot of Chess with a queen in reserve. You know you are going to get flanked and attacked in turn so you have to bide your time until the right moment occurs to attack. The unit was eventually lost but not before it had swept two large orc units from the field. It’s the weighing up of the sacrifice that felt very chess like.

It was a glorious battle to behold with two huge forces on each side. All the figures were plastic historical ones adapted into the various fictional units. There were of course lots of plastic fantasy orcs, goblins and trolls too. I especially loved the Arab heavy cavalry painted up as Haradrim, they looked the business!  It’s a tip I made note of if I ever get around to gaming the last stand of Dain Ironfoot.