Saturday, May 15, 2021

Cracking on with the Union


Time to finish this little project that has been cluttering up my already cluttered work space. Again cracking through them by blocking in the colours and then using Army Painter strong tone to shade them.

Working from a black undercoat, dry brush the black equipment and metal work. Then block in the colours. Add a little weathering on the trousers and equipment and paint on the Dip with a brush. These big armies just need numbers really, so I’m not too fussed about the quality, although quantity has its own quality in the case of the ACW.
Steve Barber Union troops with a few other makes sprinkled in for good measure.
I’ve touched up the nose and cheek bones on these Dipped figures as I think the flesh can go rather dull after the staining process, but it’s nice and quick to crack through the unit.

Officer from the now very quite Renegade miniatures...I think they might have closed down. I know they went crazy selling off huge mountains of lead ranges, but I fear it might of sunk them. Well, that’s where 80% of my ECW figures came from back in 2010. I also picked up a large amount of ACW stuff as well come to think of it.
Part of the new batch gets blocked in. I add one highlight to the blue sack coat and kepi but just use one colour on the trousers. The earth brown mud weathering around the ankles and knees does a lot, so I don’t bother to highlight them. Nice and quick.
A bit of time has passed and a new batch has been dipped. This second lot finishes off the packet from Steve Barber I got back in 2014.

Keep them coming!

Friday, May 14, 2021

Creating very good Iron Brigade figures

I have been collecting Iron Brigade figures for over twenty years and really have too many now. However, when I see the chance of creating fantastic new Iron Brigade figures I go for it. 
These new guys are made from Frock coated advancing figures from 1st corps with Iron Brigade heads from Steve Barber miniatures. The variety of poses is great and should really improve the units. I was so impressed I ordered some frock coated firing line too.
Steve Barber, 1st corps, crusader miniatures, Redoubt, 1st Corps, Renegade miniatures, 1st Corps. As you can see the 1st corps stuff are on the larger side of 28mm and a good fit for Redoubt and Renegade miniatures.
The Steve Barber heads are perfect for these figures and I like the fact that many of them have the rims turned down, giving a real nice campaign look.
The actual Iron Brigade from 1st Corps have rather limited running positions so these figures will really help with the look of the regiments in line. Recommended!

Monday, May 03, 2021

Bowmen of Lake Town

These two bases will equate to two ranks in Oathmark.


Friday, April 23, 2021

Boatmen of Lake Town

It’s nice to see the Lake Town men stand toe to toe with these orcs and actually look down at them, I suppose I too used to painting my Dwarf army.

Creating the army of Lake Town got me thinking about the bigger picture, who are these guys and what do they all do in the town. 

We have the Town guard and the warriors passing through, the merchants and traders, but I thought we had better have some boatmen and fishermen too.

These were easy to create by using the shabby looking bodies from the Frost grave soldiers box set and some suitable heads. The nasty looking boat hooks were created by mixing plastic spears and Warlord Games orc weapons. 

I also thought to give them a character all of their own by painting them very dark in blacks and greys.

 Ropes are another touch that gave them a boating feel and these were taken again from the Frost Grave soldier sprue. So that sprue really came in handy for these river folk with all its little detail pieces.

The sorry looking boatman above was created using the head and body from a Oathmark human but the arms and axe from a Perry box set.

Lake Town shields!

I searched eBay for suitable shields as well as raiding my on collection of spares. I managed to find some great ones on line including highly detailed Viking ones, perfect I thought. I even found a pack that were battle damaged, again these were great for an army that had just survived a dragon attack.
For the shields I thought a round Viking type was a good place to start. This isn’t a professional army so lots of variety in shapes and materials. Some wicker, but mostly rough wooden planks held by metal and hide braces. Very crude looking shields compared to those of the Elves and Dwarves. Also different sizes can help to break up uniformity, so some are no more than bucklers while others are very large kite shields. A real rag tag bunch this lot. I thought the roughness of the planked shield would give the army the perfect feel for Lake Town, with a few high quality ones mixed in. There’s even a few old Dwarf ones from times long ago when Dale was at its height.
To speed up painting literally an army of shields I thought I would spray them all brown to help get things moving. This will act as a base colour for dry brushing.
Anyone fancy a biscuit?
 These have just been painted with Army Painter and are still sticky wet. 

Here we see a lower member of lake town society, the humble boatman. However, can he survive the hordes of  hell with just a boat hook and a length of rope... only time will tell.

So here we are, a few hours have past since I started this post and we have our first shielded warriors.
Hooded archers, these will be in units of ten for Oathmark, well twelve with my basing.

These shots of WIP give a good idea of what the finished bases will look like.
So some more time has passed and we have some more progress. I’m touching up the face flesh colour and putting an edge on the weapons with silver paint, but apart from that they are looking okay.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

A New Bard

After some thought I decided to look at Reaper Miniatures for another suitable Bard figure. This ranger caught my eye, he has all the right gear and a nice studded jerkin to boot. I think this new sculpt will become Bard, the other guy could make a good archer captain.

Reaper is very good for finding personality figures and I always find myself flicking through their ranges for gold nuggets. Both my orc and Dwarf leaders come from Reaper.


Jump forward in time a few days and here they both are painted. I think I might go with the new metal guy, he just seems a little more heroic. 
One thing is for sure, those poor Lake Town men are going to need some strong leadership in the fight to come.