Friday, December 31, 2021

Little Touches

After the success of the seashell helmet, I thought I would try another variant. This one is a more classic helmet shape with a touch of the Octopus about it. I’m pleased these are working out as I wanted some of my Fomorians to have helmets. The wide, flat heads of the metal sculpts lend themselves well to having helmets put on them.
I also added some more coral growths to this fearsome warrior. I just wanted to blend those shoulder pieces into the overall look a bit better.   
This guy has turned out to be a bit of a brute, he must be a champion or leader of some kind. The more coral added, the bigger he looks.

 I also started to create some more plastic characters tonight. Another sheep skull mask was a must. They are definitely the most impressive of the skull heads and the most gruesome to look at.

Still practicing on doing tiny armour details.


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Fomorian Aquatic Armour


Back home and straight back into the green stuff. I had the idea of using tiny little stones to act as coral on armour pieces. This nice Sea Elf from Reaper miniatures gave me some more ideas for sculpting corals.

This Fomorian has coral armour along with shoulder pieces. I used the tiny stones to stick into the putty to create some weird organic shapes.

I think I will paint his crude sword as coral as well to match his look.
 I have read that some of the old battles with the Fomori they had inferior weapons of coral and shingle. This comes from the Erin rule book so I’m not sure it’s legend, it does make sense though.

I think his shoulder armour is actually a tiny shell found in the grit.
This was a brave attempt at proper sculpting. A large shell for a helmet. I might paint these as being bronze so they look like the Fomori have created them.

It gives a nice sea vibe.

This large troll from Reaper miniatures will make a great Fomori champion. I gave him a few extra bits to pull him more into the Fomorian look. A turtle shell acts as his shoulder armour, again I could paint this bronze so it looks like an armourer made it. I’m really tempted to give him one eye and use him as Balor of the evil eye. Not sure yet.
This troll’s ears makes him a great Fomorian, he fits in well with the rest of the Alternative Armies range.

There’s a real discipline to this sculpting malarkey, you have to be patient and not try to do too much in one go. This was hard to learn as it means things aren’t ready at once, but the results are always better.
A textured dental tool makes for good fishnet material.
A bit of left over putty and a new fish scale attempt. 

The fish helmet gets its last touches, this should look better when painted. At the moment it looks like a cool dude in sun glasses.
I had a go at copying the hair style of the metal range, long hair that hangs down the body.
“Hey man… what gives?”

A flint spear from a new goblin range.
Left over putty shield experiment, certainly fits the aesthetic.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Fishy…very Fishy

After having my Facebook stolen and hacked over Christmas from India, I thought I would chill out with some more peaceful sculpting. I thought I would do some more fishy armour pieces, including a brave attempt at a helmet.
I extended this fish scale cloak so it looks more like it came off an animal.
A new seaweed trial, kind of a more scraggy look.
The sea serpent skin was extended down too and some wet hair added coming from under the skull.
I had a go at some chain mail, the results aren’t great. I think I need a smaller needle for the holes. It should look okay once painted but I will keep practicing on this.
This large Fomorian now has a complete shoulder set of armour. I will wait to this drys and use a file to sharpen up the teeth and edges.
This fish helmet was a bit of an experiment. Once I add some hair out the back of it and maybe a crest, It should look better.

Some scars on this shoulder piece would look good. I will use a knife to scratch some in.
I have to say I’m really enjoying this Fomorian project, dare I say even more than my dirty orcs. I think it’s the fresh subject matter and the chance to sculpt new ideas.