Monday, October 31, 2022

Basing Day in Mordor

The last bases of the Elves get based up with their woodland flocks. Autumnal tufts are used to mirror the look of the Silvan Elves.


Basings the Americas

I used my experience of basing up the American Civil war to base up these new units. I used different flocks to get over the look of a woodland floor. Twigs from the garden were used again to act as fallen trees.

Large 6mm tufts help with the wooded undergrowth look.

Mixed herbs and tiny leaves were sprinkled over the flocks to finish the effect.

Light Infantry in open order.

 I took some pictures of a British woodland while walking for some inspiration.

UPDATE: I went back to these bases when the PVA was dry and added two foliage flocks These were placed in patches and on existing tufts to act as undergrowth.

The mixed herbs look good as dead leaves and make a nice contrast with the green heathy plants.
The two tones helped to add a bit of death to the foliage.

I'm looking forward to doing American riflemen skirmishing in extended order on these bases. Three to a base with lots of cover.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Box 'o' Orcs.

The Black Uruks of Mordor have been multiplying in the deep places of the world. Soon they will rise again!


Monday, October 17, 2022

Once More On To The Breach

We had another fun day today at SELWG 2022. This was a participation game based on the storming of Bristol in 1663. The game mechanics were a streamlined version of the skirmish game, Donnybrook.

A lot of the buildings and scenery had been made by fellow gamer, Richard Brown. The soft colour palette really helped to give the set a 16th Century look and feel.

The famous Christmas steps, players would score points for taking these. In the actual battle, this is where Colonel Lunsford was shot and killed.
The players had to make they're way through the narrow streets, fighting detachments of Roundheads and dodging sniper fire. Once they made it to the far gate, the game would end. The gate being lowered to allow Royalist re-enforcements to swarm in and secure the crucial city port.

It was a great day out full of fun and laughs. The players seem to have enjoyed it, with some coming back a second time, always a good sign.