Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Body Guard of Bolg WIP

Based up and almost ready to be unleashed upon the world. Four bases of very large Uruks, forming a formidable shield wall. Large scimitars of steel bring up the rear. 

I have based them on 80mmx60mm bases as they are large figures with long pole arms so need a little more room.


Friday, October 30, 2020

Body Guard of Bolg WIP

These figures have been gathering dust for years, but with the house move coming up the race is on to finish every thing on the work top.

 I have been having some fun with Citadel’s new Contrast paints. I only have two at the moment, a skeleton colour and a wood brown, they are very useful in changing colours. They also have a nice vibrancy about them which is quite welcome with my usual dark wash way of painting.I shall definitely be getting a few more in the future.

I think I’ve just nailed the Black Uruk skin colour from the Jackson films.
 First, block in all the armour and clothes etc, leave the skin to last. 
Then use Tamika ‘Field Blue’ to block in the flesh. Now here comes the new bit... use Army Painter inks to put a wash over it. Mix a little blue ink in with the black! This gives a much better effect than just using black on its own. You don’t need to highlight the flesh, just let the inks do their thing. The AP range of inks are more of a stain than an ink really and they subtly tweak the hue of the paint underneath. The subtle blue ink is the key to the good looking Black Uruk skin. 
The bright red war paint looks very striking over the dark skin colour. When this is all dry I gave the whole figure a black wash with Woodland scenics black as usual, slightly watered down.

The orc above has had his horns washed over with the wood coloured Contrast paint, the result is a slight different hue to the horns. It’s tiny little touches like this, that are making these Contrast paints great fun to work with. Very handy little paints, not cheap; but worth getting a pot or three.

Old meets New

I dug out my old sharpshooters from twenty plus years ago to make up two more bases. I was surprised to see just how different in colour they were. It’s so hard getting good reference from the internet as every uniform seems to be a different hue. I remember researching these guys for ages before finally painting them. As it is, I think they are a little light in colour so will repaint them in my latest formula.
They are lovely figures these Redoubt miniatures, full of character. These selected few will make up a couple more bases to complete two units of marksmen.


Rose is still hanging out in TK Maxx


Monday, October 26, 2020

Hancock Arrives to take Charge

This great painting really inspired me, I had the figure of Hancock from Dixon already. I also placed an order for a couple of mounted standard bearers from them too and ordered a mounted command group from 1st Corps miniatures. The standards are from Battle Flag. They produce the standards for the entire Corps, including artillery HQ on one sheet for £10. Very useful.
I do love all the Corps flags and insignia of the Army of the Potomac. They are very tempting to do but they can limit you when it comes to playing certain battles. I’ve decided to just go for it and have created an Army Corps command stand. This is General Hancock with his 2nd Corps. Once you start with the Corps flags, do you go down the rabbit hole of Brigade standards etc... well I suppose one or two wouldn’t hurt. I know the Irish Brigade will get their 2nd Brigade standard... rude not to.
Hancock points out the advancing 3rd Corps of Sickles to General Caldwell in dismay.

Union Sharpshooters

Having slept on it for a night, I decided to thin out some of the denser bases. They had lost their skirmish look, so I took some off to create another base. I have to say I much prefer the more spaced out look. 

I have given them a woodland vibe with the dry leaves after finding a fantastic image on line. The Flock box wouldn’t  really work over them so I stuck a few tufts on instead.

 I have given the leaves a wash of watered down wood glue to fix them in place.

I love this image and the brown leaves add a lot of atmosphere and character, so I thought I would try the same look on the bases.

The leaves work particularly well on the boulders

Future plants from Tkmaxx

Hello hello hello, what ave we ere then... quick grab it. It’s not reduced but still cheaper than woodland scenics. Should be able to get four or five nice trees out of that.