Thursday, May 19, 2022

Adding Skulls from eBay

A bag of fifty 28mm skulls from eBay add a little bit of extra detail. Fomorians look better with a few human heads on their belts as do Orcs.

This third assualt column of the Wolf's Teeth I want to turn into brutal head hunters. These resin skulls certainly give the unit that unique look.

A Fomorian champion with the trophies to prove it.

Even these classic old Citadel figures get an upgrade.
This sacrifical stone circle will definitely need a few more heads dotted around.


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Getting a head with the painting

I picked up some skulls from eBay while I was working on my Fomorians. I thought now would be a great time to use them while making a new standard. 

They also help to create head hunters among the Orcs.
It was a lovely day for undercoating today...makes a nice change.


Orc Assualt Columns

After a morning of matt varnishing, the assualt columns are ready to rumble forward. They are armed with nasty looking pikes and spears, they also have many archers in their ranks to bring death from above.

Here we can see the 'wolf's Teeth' banner of the assualt columns.

I had a few figures left over that I couldn't fit into the bases. I'll paint up some more to bring these up to strength. These will be Orcs with large swords and make up the third column of attack.

The Oathmark boys, it only seemed right to base this command group together.
Archers bring scattered showers of arrows down on the heads of the enemy.

I must paint up a headless body to go with this base.
The Wolf's Teeth advance forward to attack Dale. 

You can see here I just need a few more to finish a third column.

Terrified Orcs are forced forward by fanitical captains.

Nishrat's first day at school.


Monday, May 16, 2022

Mob Rule

Here are the dipped figures, still shiny from their Dark tone dip. Six a day for the past week or so has seen me race through this unwashed horde. They are mostly converted plastic figures but the new Raknorok figures have also been thrown into the mix. There are also three Orcs from Black Tree, but these took so long to arrive they will be the last ones from there.

This morning, armed with a big brush, I set about matt varnishing the mob. Once they are all based, I will give their armour and weapons a kick of Kleer floor varnish to give them a sheen.

They are quite a motley crew but should all blend together once based.

The standards have many sharp teeth gnashing on a black field, this is meant to represent the hundreds of sharp pikes of the assualt columns.

The green stuff helmets turned out good once dry brushed and ink washed, they should add some nice variety into the warbands.

The blue brush bristle is now well and truly a wip. This was so easy to do, it's a shame I don't need more of them.

I think they all go well together once mixed up, the more crazy faces in the crowd the better for Orcs I say. These were designed to be a pike armed force, but it will be interesting to see how the bases turn out now the Ragnarok Miniatures have been added.
Elf down! What can one do against such numbers?

 No man gets left behind...looking in the bag I found this poor chap had been forgotten. Well, not for long, he'll soon be happily under the lash with his friends.