Friday, February 26, 2010

Roman War!

I found this picture I had drawn a year ago and forgotten about. So I thought I'd scan it in and give It some colour.

Good luck with the Zama game BRB, I can't wait to see It in Person at Salute, I hope this picture gives you Inspiration while you finish things off.


IanZach said...

oooohhh!!!!!!!!! nice! I love it!
keep making more pics! and follow me!

DeanM said...

That's cool. It's like you were a sketch artist at the battle. :)! Dean

BigRedBat said...

Secundus, thanks a million! That is a fantastic picture, makes me think of the 69AD battles like Cremona. The three guys in the foreground look just like some of my Salehs.

That drawing is better than many I've seen in an Osprey!

Broeders said...

Another great pic. I've got one of your Napoleon pics as my PC background but this might replace it.

Secundus said...

Thanks guys. I'm using the Napoleon in mud picture as my background and It works a treat.

Hello BRB, you guessed It, this picture was meant to be a 69AD battle picture between two struggling Imperial powers. I had forgotten about the details until I blow It up to colour It.

Look out for the Optio steading the rear ranks of a cohort. Also look out for a unit of archers retiring behind a friendly unit. On the right a unit of horse break through a skirmish line and scatter the Auxiliaries. My favourite little spot is the group of slingers returning the skirmishers fire.

BigRedBat said...

Yes, noticed and loved the Optio and slingers! It's now my wallparer, too.

Joshua said...

very nice

Doc Smith said...

Mate - this is great. I like the detail of the tactical formations mixed in with the cartooning of the figures in the foreground - one of whom looks distinctly nervous about the action happening just in front!

While your style is normally cartoon/caricature, the simple drawing of massed formations is ideal to show tactics and formations on a large scale - kind of like a bird's eye view of a battle. There is one in the back of the WAB ECW rule book that this reminds me of. You should consider doing a few of these to illustrate a Napoleonic battle. I daresay a few good ones may catch the eye of the Osprey publisher!

Great stuff from the versatile 'Iron Mitten'!


IanZach said...

I love history soo much and i wish i saw a really really kool War Movie! The last time i saw a military movie was the cilvil war movie wich was AWSOME!

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

With all your talent do you ever roll one's on the tabletop?

Please keep it up


kirill said...

Greetings from legio v macedonica russia, drawings very good, here our preliminary site.!!