Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Zulu formations at Isandlwana

I've created this rough diagram showing shield colours and patterns of the Zulu regiments at Isandlwana. I have gathered these from the internet. These will provide me with a rough guide to the units and where they were on the field. This might be of use to someone collecting a Zulu army and wondering about shield colours and patterns.

Basically the young unmarried, fast regiments were on the horns with the darker shields. The veteran married units formed the chest and loins, they tended to have lighter shields with more white on them to show their status.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

inGobamakhosi Regiment

 Back on the old Zulus again! These Perry figures are addictive to make and a real joy to paint.

Basing them on strips of cereal packets makes it really easy to paint these guys on mass. The thin card can be bent very easily so you can get the paint in around the figure. When finished they will be moved to 25mm single and 40mm bases ( two to a base to help with movement).

A good tip with these plastic figures is to drill a hole in the shield with a pin drill to add a some Victorian drama.
Also on these dark shields, run a light hide brown colour along the edge of the shield, it really sets the shield off and looks great.