Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Zulu Tray

 Last night I started on a new project...the Anglo-Zulu war. To make things easy for myself and to keep things from getting too crazy in my work space I have put together a Zulu tray. This is a place where my Zulus can safely sit out of harms way, with everything I need to construct and paint them. A kind of Zulu factory if you will.
 I have also been collecting paints for a while with African skin tones in mind, some are shop bought in their ready made triads from FOUNDRY, but others are tones I've put together from various makes.
'Zulus....thirty six of 'em!". The first box of plastic Perry Zulus run for cover. I'm glad I held out for as long as I did with this project, the Perrys release of plastics was well timed and I prefer them to others on the market. These figures will make One regiment, the in Gogbamkhosi.
All put away again after about an hours cutting and sticking, next up the paint. I've just found a can of Burnt Umber spray paint from WHSmiths which may speed things up a bit.

 I am looking forward to this one. Also have some Brits on the way too from Empress.