Thursday, March 26, 2009

Naked is sooooo last year Hermann!

The changing fashions of Ancient warfare.

I couldn't help myself this week as Foundry produced a crazy deal on their 'collection' ranges. Going there to look at successors, I was side tracked into buying some Ancient Germans. I have always loved their Ancient German cavalry but could never go the distance on their new wacko prices.
I have amassed a giant German army from Black Tree Design but always promised myself some Foundry Cavalry when the time was right. Well, with this deal bringing their crazy prices down to what they were about three years ago...the time was right. Thanks for the tip off Big Red Bat.
However, attached to one of these collections was a group of naked savages. Now to appease my friend on the war games table, I may have to cover these sky clad warriors with a little 'green stuff'. As the period we are playing (early Imperial), warriors had become a little more modest with their equipment. Hermann, didn't get the memo about the new dress code.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does size matter?

"Sir, It looks like he bought his cavalry from Renegade Miniatures!!"

Let It be known that Renegade Miniatures make some fantastic figures and with their new Regiment deals, they are unbeaten for value. However; be warned, their horses are rather on the large side.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Examples of play

The Senate is ready

The Senate is finally ready to begin voting. After some play testing and a little tweaking, the Senate can get down to the serious business of arguing, shouting, back stabbing, bribing, coughing, sleeping, sulking and voting.

The minor changes to the Senate's voting are as follows. The Master Veto piece if picked, does not have to be played if the player wishes not too. The pieces once chosen are laid down face up so the player can see them but the other player can't. They can also be placed down in any order. This makes better sense as It allows the player to see and use any special pieces to his advantage.
The Master Veto must be used at the end once all the votes are in and counted. The same goes for the red Army counters. There is also another piece not mentioned before, because I couldn't think of a use for it. This is a red Veto piece. This piece can be either laid down as an Army vote or used to clear the Senate as a Master Veto counter. Once a Master Veto piece has been used to restart the voting it can not be returned to the bag and must be set aside. If the voting ends in two options drawing, each player takes two more playing pieces from the bag. This carries on until a decision has been reached. There all done...let the voting begin.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The New Face of WAB

Not being one to follow the chat forums, I am always the last to know everything, so It was with concern that I found out last night that Rob Broom had been axed by GW. After years of dedication to the Warhammer Historical scene, he has been fired and replaced by Forge World, a Sub-company of GW who make resin models. So there you go....slightly worrying news to my mind about the future of WAB there.
I suppose It's fair to say that with all the recent competition in the market lately, the pressure has been on to get results. The Osprey backed 'Fields of Glory' must have sent shock waves through the ranks at GW with its glossy photos and Angus McBride illustrations. Even I, a great WAB supporter have wondered at their recent out put of Pirates, Cowboys and now Tall ships from Warhammer Historical in favour of the much needed support for the existing game. Maybe this was the early warning signs of the Gw take over, who have an M.O of rewriting their supplements and rules every four years. Pushing new titles and forgetting old ones.
Another reason I am a little concerned with the news, is that Rob did give his supplements out to enthusiasts of the periods concerned and although they may of taken a little longer to produce, the end result was usually one of quality. Now that GW have taken WAB back and given it to a sculpting sub-company, what will be the end result. I dare say we will see a lot more publications to rival the dreaded wolf at the door, 'Fields of Glory', but will they be all glossy photos and no substance? To quote a friend " They may know their Space marine from their Squat, but know squat about their history!!!"
I just hope that this doesn't effect the supplements that are in production at the moment like the Successor's and the new long awaited Roman supplements. I guess we will have and wait and see.
In the mean time, Good luck to you Rob and thank you for all your hard work, don't let the B@%tards grind you down!

(Above picture) 'Ugzod the Axeman' is now available from Games Workshop for £8.95.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Senate has decided!

Here is an example of play for the Senates round. As you can see a large amount of war mongers voted to take the fight to Secundus, but were out voted right at the end by the more cautious Senators. Veto wins the day and no military action is taken this round. A few Senators voted for attacking Alanicus and one voted for attacking Rome itself and taking back the traditional seat of power. This time Secundus was lucky and play tested results show that poor old Secundus is more likely to get it than any of the others. After being forced to flee Rome it's safe to say that the Senate really have it in for poor old Secundus.

Finished Playing pieces

The entire deck of Senate playing pieces. As they are they work very well but there is room to add other pieces if needed. If the voting ends in a draw with equal votes for two options, then the players each take another two tablets from the bag and add them to the result. This way the voting can go on for another two or three rounds, these long debates equal the Senate voting for days on a course of action. It's always good when they go on for ages, you know it was a hard fought decision then when the final tally is counted.
The red tablet for the army vote, this is added to any pile to either prolong or decide a vote with the help of a high ranking general or two. Though be warned; the Army lot are very fickle and their allegiances may change like the wind, it has been known for them to back two separate motions at the same sitting.

The Senate prepares to vote

An idea came to me the other day how to make the Senate a player character within the Roman Campaign. I thought I'd design a voting method that allows independent choices to be made with in the decision round of the game turn.
Two players pick five tablets from a bag and arrange them face down on the table. Next, they take it in turns to flip them over. There are ten for Secundus, ten for Alanicus, ten for Rome and ten Veto's. The pile with the most tablets wins the vote and the army of the Senate marches on the elected result.
To add a little extra fun to the election results, there are two Army tablets. These are the favour and weight of the army. If a player picks one of these he can put it on any pile he chooses, thus giving the army's influence to a vote. There is also a master Veto tablet, this represents the casting vote of Plaudicus who as Consul has the heaviest vote. If this tablet is laid, the whole Senate has to be returned into the bag and the voting starts again.
There is also a tablet with II painted on it, if this is laid then it must be returned to the bag and two others picked in it's place. It may sound very simple (like most of my ideas and rules) but it's great fun and really works. In fact it's probably more fun than rolling on the table of the gods and I never thought I'd ever say that!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sir Ralph the Armchair historian

Reminds me of the time back in the Raj.....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wheres Wally?

Spice can also make a difference on the Infantry bases. A little touch here and there can really add some fine detail.
He who controls the Spice...controls the universe!

Take Cover!!!

Summer time Tanks

Freshly spruced up, the German armour rolls out.

Other bases benefit too from a little spicing up.

France in June

Here is the Tank as I left it last year. A bit of Spice...
Summer foliage freshly cut to help hide from Allied eyes. After the PVA glue was dry I painted the spice flock a light green and highlighted with white/yellow.


Tamyia 'smoke' was used to make the effect of spilt oil on the Panzer IV.
I found a wealth of modelling ideas in the 'Flames of War' website and painting guide booklet. Even though the game is for 15mm figures, the supporting material and web site is handy for any scale. They are bringing out even more painting/modelling publications all the time. Their latest covers the German Whermacht, really useful stuff as I have always struggled to find detailed tank colour schemes.
I also used the spices to help camouflage the men. "Who threw that?!"
The thing I love about using spices to flock with is all the different twigs and bits in them. What better to give the illusion of foliage than tiny pieces of dried, chopped leaves.
The mortar shell hole I made out of Milliput has turned out nicely and has secured the way for many others of its kind. The hole was made from left over Milliput and covered with grit. After being dry brushed and flocked It will make a good addition the the battlefield and act as a 'hit' marker.
Having already placed twigs on the bases last year I thought I would try out sticking spices to them to act as leaves. As my forces are meant to be fighting in the Summer (Normandy 1944) I thought the leafy branches would be more accurate.
The spices used were Basil and Mint from Tesco. I find that 'mixed herbs' work great for ground cover like bracken.

It's time to spice up your life

As I try to rally myself on to finish my WWII British Platoon, I thought I would get inspired and spice up a few things. I'm talking about adding some spices to my already finished units to add some foliage detail. Mainly the camo on the tanks, which was looking a little bare before.

With the war over both sides settle down to a friendly game of football.
"Where's the ball?"

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The boys in action

I couldn't resist the temptation. I can't wait until the Platoon is completed and I take them out in force, my photoshop skills will be tested to their limits.