Saturday, February 17, 2024

New Autobot

A new Autobot fighter rolls off the assembly line. His name is Sidearm and he is a tough fighter.

Reflector next to the new Bot. Sidearm is quite a small Bot but can pack quite a punch.

 The war didn't last long for this mechanism as he was captured almost immediately. You have to your allegiance carefully on this painting table.

New Bots arrive to join the fight. A large Audio Bot called Sonex. He is a repaint of Sound wave. I also had a go at modelling the small cassette Bots that come out of him. Although I'm going to go back and try something new with their heads.


Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Transformer panel work

After spending a fare few hours building the bodies of the new Autobots, now I got down to the fiddly job of wiring them up 

These tiny etched panels are for detailed Japanese kit models like Gundam. They are perfect for adding details to my bots too. The crude plasticard works well, but lacks finesse. These tiny panels just bring a bit of scale back to the minis.

The other Bots get the odd panel too, this sort of detail would be impossible to do with plasticard.

I like these vents on the back, they should look good when undercoated.

 The Robo factory in the Golden age of Cybertron...before the war.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Deception Reflector

I really miss the thrill of hacking up toys to create playing pieces, so today I thought I would scratch that itch. Three small Megatron keyrings are sent to the chop shop to be remade into Reflector, the Decepticon camera.
The great thing about these smaller Megatron figures is that they are just the right scale. Reflector was quite small and was always getting bullied by the other Decpticons.

Along with Reflector, I also made up some Autobot re-enforcements. These were great fun to make, I cut up the keyrings and mixed up their torsos. To this was added plasticard and bits off the Gaslands sprue.

 I decided this one with the shield would be called Spartan, so he got a head crest on his head to finish the look 

I do like this Autobots single optic, he looks quite insect like.

They look totally different when sprayed, much better.

The bots before they are undercoated.

UPDATE: well the Bots are finished. Their faces were tricky but we got there.

I went back and added some more details so they matched the original cartoon better.

They scale up well with the Seeker jets which is great.